Every iPad Specific Feature in iOS 12!

In Apple’s forthcoming iOS 12 software update for iPhone and iPad, there are a lot of new features. On iPad, there are a lot of tablet-only features that didn’t get a lot of mention, so we’ve dug through to find them for you!
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35 Replies to “Every iPad Specific Feature in iOS 12!”

  1. obliviousmode575

    I have the 2018 iPad. After I did the update I also got the Measure app added to my iPad as well. I don’t see myself using Stocks, Voice Recorder and Measure apps on my iPad. I wish Apple would give you the option of selecting and deselecting new apps added with updates. The new apps threw off all my current installed apps. A new page was added on my home screens. It pushed 2 apps to a single page. I found the Measure app on the last page. So I had to readjust my apps like I previously had them. The new apps should have been added to the last page. Not cool Apple!

  2. Carolina Faria

    The note taking option on the Files app (the pencil icon in the upper right corner when we open a file) isn't available anymore with the updated iOS system. How can I get this back? I need it for college ???

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