Everything New in iOS 12 2 Beta 4 Updated Icons & New Remote Changes

The newest iOS 12.2 beta includes more changes to the Remote in Control Center ahead of the launch of HomeKit TVs, an updated News icon, and much more.
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24 Replies to “Everything New in iOS 12 2 Beta 4 Updated Icons & New Remote Changes”

  1. Bimmer

    Hey Apple, instead of changing the news app icon which no one gives a fuck about it. Check out jailbreak tweak call UltraSound because that’s how you should implement the shitty sound hud

  2. Niklas Gustavsson

    Not ecstatic about the volume slider being gone, with it it’s easier to set the TV to (about) 25% volume and so on. Otherwise it looks great, the standalone app can go!

  3. 佐藤 - Satō

    I love the update so far! But when I triple click the side button and activate (and deactivate) the classic invert, etc… the entire OS animations are slowed down significantly!

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