Everything New in iOS 12.2 Beta 6: AirPower & AppleCare!

Is this the final beta of iOS 12.2? The 6th beta of iOS 12.2 contains new features and changes including viewing warranty status in settings, as well as support for AirPower.
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36 Replies to “Everything New in iOS 12.2 Beta 6: AirPower & AppleCare!”

  1. Derek Bytheway

    I’m about to throw some blunt constructive criticism at you guys:
    • Make your videos completely differently.
    • Don’t turn the videos into show and tell about the minimal scenery around your phone (you can barely even see what you keep pointing to with two fingers ever so gracefully).
    • No need to constantly showcase the back of the phone for whatever reason other than to try and glamorize that it is indeed the Xs Max (oooh.. awww.. we’re all so jelly, yo). ??‍♂️

    Good job though ??

  2. redgc899

    apple care seems like such a scam, warranties are compulsory here in australia, so paying more for what you already get from the manufacturer is just a waste of money..

  3. Courtney Moore

    Wow. So many changes with this channel. Loving the updates with the videos and even adding twitter for more personality with the host(s) good job guys … um or Andrew lol

  4. Lüvv Sürya

    I live in India and for some reason, AppleCare+ is not showing on my iphone plus even after updating to the beta 6. Is it something specific to the US market only?

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