Everything New with HomeKit in iOS 12

In iOS 12, HomeKit is getting a few changes, though manufacturers may be getting even more. Look for a few niceties in the Home app, as well as a whole new device category.
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30 Replies to “Everything New with HomeKit in iOS 12”

  1. DJ L

    Jesus people. Grow up. Making fun of someone’s voice if the most petty childish thing I can think of. It is not even something someone can help. You change your own voice and then get back to us. Grow up!

  2. hjparma

    do you guys know if Apple is adding support for low energy wifi accessories and more features to automate from bluetooth devices? for example, it would be great if you can create an automation when temperature sensor reaches XY degrees.

  3. Patrick Duncan

    That is a lot of waggling of fingers at nothing in particular. Try showing the difference side by side (if it’s worth mentioning at all. I’m looking at you “details/settings”).

  4. Steve C

    I love how you see 13 or 18 accessories not responding at the top of the screens. Thats my one gripe with Homekit…it constantly loses connection with devices.

  5. Kevin White

    Can the HomePod or an AirPlay 2 speaker be added to a scene? For instance a scene that starts at 7am, lights turn on, and music starts playing from multiple airplay 2 speakers.

  6. Rick Mosher

    "…sprinklers like the Orbit b-Hyve…" except b-Hyve doesn't really work with Homekit yet. Orbit blames Apple for the delay since they've added the necessary authentication chip to their current outdoor sprinkler timers, but Apple has not yet given approval for it to be enabled. This, I'm told, will be delivered via a firmware update for the timer at some point in the future.

  7. hagar2025

    The fact that the video starts with mentioning new wording and an updated icon indicates it’s mostly cosmetics and refinements in iOS 12. Apple needs to add a whole lot more to make it less nerdy and more useful.

  8. sgorno

    I really look forward to these reviews … but the voice makes it tough. I'm sure he's a nice guy … but some voices should not be used for voiceover … my own included.

  9. Cactus Tweeter

    I don't know if this is know yet, but do you still need an Apple TV or an iPad to act as a hub? With Home app coming to macOS I was just wondering if a Mac could be a hub or not.

  10. John Doe

    Now if we could only control our Apple TVs from HomeKit and use them in Scenes. Would love for "Goodnight" to have the ability to turn off my TV.

  11. Joshua Flint

    It’s a very niche request and maybe something that can’t be answered in a video but as someone from the UK I feel that the smart home market is very small at the moment here. We have the lights and thermostats, ring doorbells etc but it still feels like we haven’t taken advantage of the tech over here. I’m wondering if there is anything that’s cross-continental to keep an eye out for or if you believe the tech will eventually arrive here as you suggest with Ring Doorbells taking their time. Compared to the US I feel like we’re a decade behind with this so any tid bits you (or commenters) know would be interesting.

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