Everything New with Messages in iOS 12

Messages got quite a few new features in iOS 12. AppleInsider dives in to find all the new Animoji characters, the new camera effects, layout changes, and more!

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21 Replies to “Everything New with Messages in iOS 12”

  1. luppino1966

    Apple needs to make it so you can name a group text even if it's not all Iphone users. You find that many group texts are no all Iphone users. this makes it hard to find precise messages at times.

  2. Fardeen Zaman

    I am using the 8 plus. But when I try to send a picture/video via iMessage it says that I need to turn on MMS sending. But In setting under SMS/MMS option I do not find any option through which I can enable that. Need Help.. And yes you though right Imma iPhone newbie…
    Thanks in advance!!

  3. Oswaldo Viveros

    cons for now: is when you’re texting landscaping it splits between the text screen and the contact but the keyboard is in full-size mode… annoying! it should hide the contact or place it on top. oh this is on the iPhone Max

  4. Kelvz Alvaira

    Hi bro how can i merge iMessage and message in one contact
    What I mean is send on iMessage when im online and send on message when my cellular is off
    Like blue on iMessage and green on message

  5. Brian Powell

    Hmmm…. How about a "Quick Reply" ability from the lock screen? Also, a suggestive reply function baked in the imessages app? Coming from Android to IOS, these are two key features that Imessages should have.

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