Everything New with Siri in iOS 12

Siri has a ton of new features inside iOS 12 including Siri Shortcuts, new areas of knowledge, Siri Intents for third-party music apps, new voices, and much more!

Read more about Siri in iOS 12 over on AppleInsider:

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41 Replies to “Everything New with Siri in iOS 12”

  1. Sierra

    I accidentally changed my Siri and now it taking forever to change it back and mine is kinda broken because I don’t have the male and female option please help. Because I’m wondering if after I re-download the accent that option pops up or I just don’t have it and it broken

  2. Anzam Laxmi

    Hello brother? How are you? can you please help me with something? I have a new Iphone xsmax. ive set all the functions. But the problem is siri is not responding to my voice command. Siri only works when i use the power button. But when i give a command on sxmax for something, siri replies in my 7plus. But its not responding in xsmax. I mean siri is working manually by pressing the power button but not listening to he voice command. can u help me to solve this problem please? thanks.

  3. Chad Hurley

    Apple put no effort into making siri better in ios 12. Actually have a conversation with siri? At the current rate of development, this will never happen.

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