Everything Wrong With Android, Explained

Google’s Android operating system is used by over 2 billion devices worldwide. But after a decade Android still has countless issues. Security, privacy, and product support are just a few of the reasons users turn to Apple’s iOS instead. Business Insider’s senior tech correspondent, Steve Kovach, highlights what Android still hasn’t gotten right.

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23 Replies to “Everything Wrong With Android, Explained”

  1. VW4597238

    I use three android phones for business. This morning I arrive at work and none of them are working. Had to factory reset each of them and lost business and valuable time. Needless to say my employee is at the Apple store right now picking up our new Apple iPhones.

  2. Jettso N

    Counters for all points in this video. Biased info with old info. 1:31 not a bad thing. 2:09 stupid apple lover doesn't know you can download apps (which you cant get on apple) that can delete any app. 2:35 google it. 2:45 two things, apple is overprotective, and you can get antiviruses on android. can you on apple? 3:20 apple is like that overprotective mom everybody hates that wont let you do anything. Try again.

  3. Vedant gaming

    This is not the problem of android it is the problems of the brand you are saying that iphones are best because there is only one band which uses the ios so it is easy to give the updates to the iphone devices if google also does like apple the android will be also the best

  4. Bailey Crawly

    I had a few Android devices over the years and they were all laggy right out of the box. My old iPhone 4 runs better than the newest android device I own which is a few years newer than the iPhone. But android fans are so brainwashed by the concept of apple slowing phones down when they get older (they don’t; they will do it to prevent unintended shutdowns but you can disable that).

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