EXCLUSIVE: First Footage From the AMAZING Huawei P30 Pro!

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Disclaimer: The shots taken with the HUAWEI P30 Pro are noted during the video. The footage showing me using the P30 Pro were taken with a DSLR camera. After capturing and recording photos and videos with P30 Pro, there were elements such as color grading, speed changes, and sound design added in post-production for creative purposes. Many of the shots taken by the P30 Pro used a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer.

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Music licensed at premiumbeat.com

Big thanks to Xcaret and Xel-Ha for allowing us to film in their parks!

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20 Replies to “EXCLUSIVE: First Footage From the AMAZING Huawei P30 Pro!”

  1. Sascha

    Very nice video, love it! 😀

    Please could you tell me is there is some edit/post production?

    The P30Pro have a "problem" where the red colors seem to be exaggerated/inaccurate because that RYYB sensor.

    What do you think, is it so strong as other reviews show? what is your oppinion= THX!!!

    (Even looking the video the red color is too strong/is always there, no hate to Huawei, just asking ;D ).

  2. Luqman Hakim

    They sponsored by huawei ?? Even huawei ads also are fake . Using cinema camera setup just to make ads and saying the ads are make from their phone. Hahaha rubbish chinese brand

  3. become youtuber

    This is the fucking lier i watch this video i wait for huawei to come saudi arabia and i wll buy but the camera is not same like this footage i dont know why they are showing lier i like huawei mobile and p30 is very nice i like it but the camera is not same lik thi ms video

  4. Hem Raj

    I'm from India most of ur video i always see. This video is very gd like previous i love this cell phone but i not able to purchase it couse of powerty.Can u make me surprise to gifting me this then i will be feel Prosper in among my frndz nd neighborhood…..i just see dreamzzz about this phone i know

  5. Random Denny

    Now thats impresive! I cant wait to see when they put bigger sensor on smartphones! Imagine when you dont need to carry big bulky camera gears to travel anymore, now thats the future!

  6. Rio Winaryo

    I am speechless with this new Huawei P30 Pro i never knew they can beat Pixel 3 XL in low light. I'm thinking to get Pixel 4 but if Huawei Mate 30 Pro turned to be 100% better then i have to cancel buying the Pixel 4. God bless you

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