Face ID vs Android Face Unlock (OnePlus 5T, Note 8, etc)

Using Face ID for the past month has had its ups and downs. I like the idea of the technology but sometimes it can be a bit slow or unusable in certain situations. Android also has a face unlock feature and the new OnePlus 5T is crazy fast but is this option better than Face ID on the iPhone X?

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  1. James Collins

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  2. Costas En Garde

    Retarded ass video from the get go. Everyone's that's not a complete dumbfuck knows android face rec is trash, with google themselves admitting so. Faceid is entirely different and has built in sensors for 3d data.

    Meanwhile, faceid doesnt work for family purchases, is fooled by asians and family members and is forced down your throat while note8/s8 have 2 biometric authorization methods.

  3. Francesc Ca Mo

    I've also the X one (since a month ago)… and I still prefer touch id (by the moment). The same reasons as you said. I also think with the time it will improves as it happened with touch id. But we can't have everything right now, no? 🙂

  4. Gregory Albert

    There’s literally no competition to the iPhone X… should be 3 categories. iPhone X Face ID, facial recognition and Touch ID. Even as pointed out in this video the one plus only uses 100 dots vs 30,000 on the iPhone plus the iPhone unlocks any time of the day and any room as it uses ir dots. Apple wasn’t kidding when they said there’s is far more advanced. KGI says 2.5 years ahead of anyone else. The Facial recognition on android is a gimmick that they now will be on everything since people don’t do there research and think oh they both unlock with my face so they are the same… nope. The key is depth. That’s what the others lack. As far as touch vs face, I find some times where I go touch would be easier and others (especially since I live in Canada) that face is superior. No need to worry about gloves. We are use to Touch ID and it has been on 4 or so years so it’s had time to speed up and gain accuracy. Face ID in 4 years will be very interesting to see.

  5. Vincent Tapia

    After a few weeks of playing around with Face ID, I don't miss Touch ID as much as I thought I would. When I couldn't unlock the phone while the iPhone X was laying flat on the table, I had an old iPhone stand which I placed at my desk. Not only can I easily unlock the phone, I can also easily view my text messages (meaning, they unlock to reveal). Speed of unlock is as fast or faster in most instances than Touch ID in my experience. Also, when you mentioned the other Android phones don't even use facial recognition for transactions or other apps, now I really can appreciate Touch ID even more. Now if Apple can tweak iOS 11 to be less buggy…

  6. Dharry Nithi

    Typing on a smartphone that's laying flat on the table is more a hindrance for me as I have large fingers, meaning that I always pick it up when I use it. So, a back-mounted fingerprint scanner isn't a problem (at least in my case).

  7. TheCodingArt N/A

    Please, never ever ever promote Touch ID being on the back of the device. This is a horrible placement of Touch ID and should never be suggested as a tack on just for the sake of having Touch ID somewhere.

  8. Eric Rounds

    Just got the X yesterday, and so far, having Face ID feels seamless and automatic. Especially when I use Keychain. I sometimes have my hand covering my chin or mouth and Face ID doesn't want to work then. So, it's accurate. Plus… how many times can I not unlock my phone with Touch ID because my fingers were wet or after a shower. So, Face ID is better.

  9. M Morales

    An Iris scanner (Lumia 950xl, Note 7, S8 and S8 plus, Note 8) are faaaaar more secure than any face unlock method. Your irises are unique to you and to this day I haven't seen or heard about those Iris scanners getting fooled by a twin or any person that looks like you. Yes the Note 8 and S8 face unlock was fooled by photos under a controlled environment but that was patched by Samsung and the only way to do it now is if you are a goddamn hacker with special equipment. You can't use face unlock for payments, that's the Iris scanner job. Iris scanner is more secure than FaceID and it actually "unlocks" your phone were FaceID basically wakes the phone up then you have to swipe.

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