FaceTime Has A Major Problem – New Update Coming Soon

FaceTime has a huge bug in iOS 12.1 and newer. Even the latest iOS 12.2 beta is affected and it allows for the user to hear audio of the person they are calling without even picking up. I show you exactly what is going on. There will be an update later this week to fix it. #FaceTime #iOS #update

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33 Replies to “FaceTime Has A Major Problem – New Update Coming Soon”

  1. Alfredo Cervantes

    There’s also another problem every time I’m trying to FaceTime my friend it always hangs up 2 seconds into the call and I’m trying to fix it and I tried it again and the same thing happened

  2. zetachi001

    I can’t Group FaceTime my sister and girlfriend. It just keeps on saying waiting and when I try to add both of them from the FaceTime app +, I’ll add one, but it won’t let me add the other.

  3. Kgbbeastgamer

    I use facetime to talk to my girlfriend because she lives in new york and im in washington so i cant talk face to face, now all of a sudden this fucking bug out of nowhere is messing our shit up, i cant even talk to my own girlfriend because of this crap so they better fix this soon

  4. RobCutpictures 28

    I updated my phone last week and all of sudden the sound on FaceTime is not working. I can hear the person talking but they can’t hear me. This didn’t start happening until I downloaded the new update.

  5. Play'N'Games

    i dont get it apple..wtf and why they everytime invent the ios new from the ground? they had a nearly stable bug-free ios(8) .. think of it..if u updated this version, only the new features should be able to crash and fixed but no..they build it new from the ground and this is what happend..bugs never excits showing up..damn u apple get rid of those windows guys and hornor the steve.

  6. JoeGooner T

    damm it! this screwed me once when i didnt want to pick up my gf call.. but out of no where after muted the called my gf end was able see or hear the background! ?

  7. FreddyMercs

    Hi #Zollotech hope you can discuss about my concerns.

    I love iPhone but after I upgraded to Xs supposedly it would be easier but it is not. Reasons why:
    1. When I make calls I don't hear the ringing sound that I am not making the call.
    2. I find it annoying if im on the call mode and the phone is lock I need to swipe twice to access or to unlock the phone.
    3. Battery drains fast this new version of IOS.
    4. The Animated emojis lags.

  8. Felix German

    this messed up my phone , someone did this to me and now i can’t open my phone app nor call or receive any phone calls and i need a fix asap , any help ?

  9. Jaared A

    Also, with disabling FaceTime, this in theory should also disabled the walkie-talkie feature on your Apple Watch that’s running the Apple Watch five operating system. Reason being, walkie-talkie app uses FaceTime audio protocols.

  10. Ultra Goji

    Okay, I don't use FaceTime often and have never used group FaceTime. Do you have to add yourself into the chat if you are the one that's making the call? If not, why would you do it?

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