FAKE VS REAL Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – 1:1 CLONE – Buyers BEWARE!

In this video i will show you how to spot a Fake Samsung Galaxy S9+.
By the end of this video you should have enough knowledge so you don’t end up buying a fake Samsung Galaxy S9+ believing that you are buying an original one.

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A fake Samsung phone doesn’t offer any performance, no quality control, no warranty. An original Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is better in every way. Clones are not recommended!

Feel free to ask any questions that could help you make sure that you are purchasing an original Samsung S9 and not a replica.
Buying your Samsung phone from an authorized Samsung retailer is always a good idea!

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28 Replies to “FAKE VS REAL Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – 1:1 CLONE – Buyers BEWARE!”

  1. PapaKevs PH

    I have saamsung s9+ but the fake phone s9 are the same my s9 phone. But my phone are orig and no laggingg. Why you should tell fake because of their made by other country?

  2. Sabine Middelkoop

    Just bought a S9 for € 139, never doubted whether it's real or fake. Who buys a brand new Samsung S9 for this amount of money and actually thinks it's real??? That's just being ignorant, can't believe people are actually upset and surprised….

  3. prashant sharma

    Is this really possible? I have got a Galaxy j4+ recently, at price pretty much lower than what it should be(15% less). And it's camera power is very poor, although it's processing is exactly Identical. Also it takes no photos at little low light, with a kind of flicker in the view, even at daylight, a lot of grains and a very poor dynamic range, totally opposite to what I SAW and compared with my older-n-cheaper Galaxy on 7 prime. So….. Is my Galaxy j4+ not genuine?

  4. IraSofia

    Not really satisfied with the comparison, honestly. I wish he compared the camera pics on both to further know :/ I know it will be really different, however, clones these days are getting good. So why not campare?

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