FAST CHARGING TEST | OPPO Find X Super VOOC vs OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X vsS9 vs P20 Pro vs Honor 10

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Battery comparison test of OPPO Find X vs iPhone X vs OnePlus 6 vs Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Honor 10. All models got fast charging tech and which one would be the best?
In this charging test, I will let them turned on. Because iPhone X will automatically boot after get 1% battery, and OnePlus 6 have fast charging function only when power on. And also, I will use both original fast charge power adapter. The OPPO Find X I use in this video is the Super VOOC version, which was claimed to charge itself 100% in 35 minutes! In the last battery test of Oneplus 6 dash charge, Oneplus 6 nailed all competitors. This time, will it still lead? The iPhone X can get fast charge when using the 12A power adapter, so now you are going to see the most powerful fast charging test of the first half year of 2018.

Test voltage: 220V

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36 Replies to “FAST CHARGING TEST | OPPO Find X Super VOOC vs OnePlus 6 vs iPhone X vsS9 vs P20 Pro vs Honor 10”

  1. Wit Rigs
  2. Pete Coventry

    The R17 Pro does this in 34 mins – even at 98% it's still hitting 1400mA on Ampere – the phone charges at 4900ma all the way that's why it is so fast – and dual batteries help too. The r17 pro charges a bit more so it's like 102% – wait till it says it's charged

  3. Ahmad Ehsan

    Unfair comparison. IPhone X should have been charged with 18w high speed charger and with usb c to lightning cable. It’ll full charge within the same as others

  4. sensaznal

    iPhone is shit fkn outdated 10 yr old charging tech, they have the money but can't afford engineers to design a state of the art charging system.

  5. Fisher man

    I don't think it's fair ,because the charging speed will be decided by the adapter ,if you use the same usb outlet receptacle to charge the phone will give you the best result,recently,I bought a 5.0A outlet receptacle,the charging speed pretty amazing,you may all could have a try,the brand name is SZICT 5.0a outlet receptacle

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