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26 Replies to “FIFA 19 MOBILE VS PES 2019 MOBILE (GRAPHICS COMPARISON) – iOS/Android Gameplay”

  1. Westley Mapper

    My list (this should be real list)
    10. Flick Shoot (Play Store)
    9. Unoficial FTS18 mod (it's called FTS18 but it's not original, also it's avavible just in Aptoide)
    8. Flick Shoot US (Play Store)
    7. FTS 15 (First Touch Soccer 15) (OFFICIAL, no longer in App Store coz it's probally deleted, legendary game)
    6.Flick Shoot 2* (Play Store)
    5. Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager (TOP 11). (On facebook/ in browser @t and also at Play Store
    4. Fifa 16 Ultimate Team (Original, it exists. And there is also APK where you can download it, no longer in play store)
    3. Fifa Mobile (Play Store)
    2. Pes Mobile 2019 (Play Store)
    1. Dream League Soccer 2019
    Disclaimer and Warning:
    || This message is not made to insult any of games at this list, and they are, in my choice, one of the best android games ever,
    also this message is NOT made to make race "PES against Fifa"…. In my
    mind, Pes 2019 FOR PC is 10X more times better than FIFA 19, but in android, pes and fifa both made big mistake and their games are tottaly failure and they just, cannot fight against DLS Absolutley, in android Fifa Mobile is 20x times better than PES, coz PES is too easy and he has some bad graphic.
    DLS 19 anyways have best graphics.
    Warning v2; In list I didnt input Dream League Soccer classic, but FTS15 also includes DLS clasic in number 7. They both has similiar graphic and both of them were very, very, very, to our sorrow – deleted games. Thank you. *Please like

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