Filmic Pro Tips and Tricks | How to Configure for Cinematic Footage

In this video, we provide you with the tips and tricks we have learnt from using the Filmic Pro App on Android. Guiding you through how to setup FilmicPro v6 to gain the cinematic quality and effects from a smartphone. In this video, we cover:

Resolution & Bit Rate
Frame Rate
White Balance & Log Mode
Automatic vs. Manual Modes (using the Reticles)
Saving Presets

The the associated article on our website:

16 Replies to “Filmic Pro Tips and Tricks | How to Configure for Cinematic Footage”

  1. iCTO

    Our next video will be putting these tips into practice as we make a short film. Any comments welcome to what we might do in our Film.

  2. Alejandro Romero

    Hi I have a question I don't know if you can help me. I can record a movie at 24fps, but is it the same if I record a movie at 30fps and then in post production I do the rendering at 24fps? Sorry if it's not very clear

  3. Luciene Pereira

    Thank you so much! One question that could be silly but I am new to all that… Can I film on hd 1080 p with 24 frames per second and still get a good film? I want to record videos mainly for instagram.

  4. SenseiCaz

    Great video! Really helped me to get the hang of Filmic quickly. One question: How were you able to control the Filmic App from your computer/with your mouse (not sure what kind of witchcraft that is).

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