Filming with the LG V30

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(Remember to read the information on the bottom left portion of the screen, folks.)
Like the LG G6 before it, the LG V30 is already proving itself to be one of the most fun cameras to use on Android. Join Josh from Germany to China as he runs through what the V30 camera can do.

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28 Replies to “Filming with the LG V30”

  1. Abbas Noureddine

    I have the lg v30 but im experiencing difficulties with voice notes on whats app. I tried literally everything. I even changed the entire phone (warantee) but the problem stayed!!! The problem is when im recording a voice note and there is background noise the quality of the voice note becomes so bad u can barely understand whats being said. Do u have this problem? I wanna know if its a software problems cuz i sent my phone twice now to be fix but they returned it saying there is no problem at all. Keep in mind that when i record an audio using hd recorder there is no problem at all.

  2. Poet WP

    This is all usefull info I'm sure but it doesn't do me any good because I have not yet been able to even figure out how to access the goddamn video camera function. Why cant they have it labeled with words a little circle button that says video. I swear I wish I could slap who ever designed this function in the face.

  3. Joseph Taibi Jr.

    Does the wide angle mode require holding the phone upright (Portrait) only since the lenses are side by side in this position or can the phone also be held horizontally?

  4. Kelly Huffaker

    Have you had sync issues when filming in 4k and hifi audio enabled? Whenever I playback my footage on my phone the audio is about 1 second off from the footage.

  5. Preston Ok

    Great review! SUPER informative! Didn't hit too much on the audio though. But I guess that's bc the audio of this video was recorded with it, correct?

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