First Look: Algoriddim djay iOS App | Tips and Tricks

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43 Replies to “First Look: Algoriddim djay iOS App | Tips and Tricks”

  1. John Smitherson

    The original DJ Pro automix videos but this new version has an automix but it doesn't automix when you do switch to video mode…WTF??? And you have to pay monthly? Hey, Algoriddim did you forget Serato Pyro does a better job of automixing than you and it's a FREE app. Way to fuck it up Algoriddim.

  2. Gary Mayen

    Thanks for a great review Mojaxx. I've been using Djay for iOS for over 5 years now. Though I'm not happy about the change to subscription (i've probably spent over $120CAD on their products – Djay2 – Djay Pro for iPhone – Djay Pro for iPad – Djay Pro for Windows), the new connectivity options still make it interesting. I had no idea about USB connection to controllers was an option. I dont know if Algoriddim is advertising it properly. Where can i get more details?

  3. ryan leatherwood

    Thank you Mojaxx for all that you do for us Dj folks. Love the new Djay app update with looper and Ableton link integration. Unhappy that my new PIONEER DDJ1000 doesn't accept audio from IOS ipads since it needs an audio driver. Hopefully Djay for Mac will be updated soon with looper and ableton link. I've been a fan and user or Algoriddim Djay for years. Also wish there was a way to import loopmaster files into the APP.

  4. Theo tLux

    I’ve been waiting for iPad Pro integration direct to midi, as this app has been awesome in mobile gigs. I noticed you were using a DDJSX (mk1?) with Djay in the video. Was it been used via the iPad Pro 12.9 or something else?
    I just went out and purchased the USB3 camera adapter (the one with the lightning input so I can charge at the same time) and upgraded to the new app.
    I had a prompt come up ‘cannot connect ddj-six as it draws too much power’.
    Did you have any connection issues?
    Appreciate any response as much as we appreciate the awesome videos Mr Mojaxx!

  5. Waxer UK

    I started DJing mid 80s and have stayed current. Love my vinyl and still buy it to this day but you can't deny how great things have got! I bought Stanton Final Scratch when that came out, then Traktor Scratch in 2007. I now use DJay Pro 2, Serato & Traktor depending on what I want to achieve. I think with an internet connection, an iPad and a controller you have a beast of a setup, especially with dropbox integration.

    You can prepare your set for the night, put it all in dropbox, use your hardware controller and just take an iPad. NOTE: obviously any pro DJ will still have a couple of USB sticks, a Serato/Traktor interface/mixer and a laptop with them as backup, but for home use just an iPad and a controller will do! I'm having a NYE party and I'll be doing the whole night with a 2018 iPad and a DDJ-SB3 hopefully! Nice one Mojaxx thanks for keeping us up to date!

  6. Ranj Kaler

    I really appreciate this video. I’m a resident at top club in London and have been using Djay for the last 5 years initially as a stopgap. I think it’s unbelievable and should be taken more seriously.

  7. Salva Avlas

    Just Serato and a good old laptop. Exit gogogadgets creating needs (you need the new iPad, etc) and of course subscriptions slavegism… a good dj is not just someone who can afford the “new” $$ gadgets… sorry


    the only way it starts to became the future is if you can use your spotify playlist for offline mode and you your downloaded playlist …….cuz its hard to take that out to a gig and pray the wifi dont drop or lag out while streaming music ……..idk why they cant just pay spotify to let ppl use stuff for offline mode with dj gear …..thats is the real future

  9. Mysterious P

    Virtual dj is the best , after using traktor , rekordbox and serato .. virtual dj gives u so much more ! From vdj to easy mapping and customizing ur own skin

  10. Lukas Halouzka

    Great video Mojaxx!! Will You make a review for subject of midi mappings of controllers which aren't done directly? Could it be done in the software on ios? Thanks for a reply

  11. Dru TheDJ

    Love the T-Shirt! Hahaha, I want one!! Nice review! Like the fact that you review hardware and software across the board regardless of brand


    they killed where it remembered what you played and would show your set. they also killed where you can go through your documents and pull up songs. now it's just going through itunes. i hate itunes. then you can't load your own loops in the looper but they want a paid subscription. so i'm paying for a looper that i can only load what you give me. so that means the million people with it has to use the same sounds and set sounds the same but i'm paying for it. wow ok.

  13. DJcityTV

    A note from Mojaxx: It's not correct that you can never charge your device over a Lightning connection. Some of the 'non-official' supported controllers allow that, and there is a more recent Lightning to USB adapter from Apple which allows power passthrough. Check Algoriddim's site for more details.

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