Fix Cydia Error Messages, Common Problems & Bootloop on iOS 12 Jailbreak (Unc0ver)

How to Fix Cydia Error Messages & Common Problems on iOS 12 Jailbreak (Unc0ver) | Fix Fatal Error, Target Packages is configured multiple times, Boot loop, Respring loop, Failed to Fetch)

Here is a troubleshooting guide to solving some common Unc0ver problems and Cydia errors within the iOS 12 – 12.1.2 jailbreak.

These issues/errors include:
– Getting out of a respring/boot loop
– Fixing the “fatal error” in unc0ver
– Fixing a crashing Cydia
– “Can’t find a source to download”
– Target Packages is configured multiple times
– Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status – open (2: No such file or directory)
– Failed to fetch
– I can’t find an archive for the tweak

ReProvision repo:

Fix bootloop program:

Fix DPKG_Locked:
Fix “var/lib/dpkg” Could not open file Database Error:
Fix other errors:

If you are not seeing your tweak settings in the Settings app, you need to download PreferenceLoader (from the source If you have it, re-install it.

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36 Replies to “Fix Cydia Error Messages, Common Problems & Bootloop on iOS 12 Jailbreak (Unc0ver)”

  1. Alexander The savage

    can you help me please!!!!! Tweakbox refuses to download uncover for whatever reason I just can't download it. My phone just randomly restarted and then I tried to re jailbreak but I couldn't it said "Untrusted or whatever" then i reset my whole phone like wiped it. Then I tried to redownload it through tweakbox but i just won't let me. PLEASE HELP ME

  2. Austin Johnson

    I got uncover from tweakbox and jail broke my phone but after I installed a couple tweaks I went to open uncover and it said wasn’t verified but I did it when I first installed it. Then I went to verify it(again) and it said it needed an internet connection but I am connected to the internet. I’ve looked every and can’t find anything about this problem. Can anyone help me please???

  3. David LaFaver

    I just added a Tweak that un Jailbroke my phone, and now Unc0ver won't JB again. I tried using iTunes to restore to 12.1.2 using my saved blobs, but get error #3194. Now what??

  4. Sergio Torres

    I have an issue in which what happens is that after performing the jailbreak my camera completely freezes, however on messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp the camera works perfectly, if anyone had the same issue and found the way to fixed it I would really appreciate you helping me out, THANKS

  5. Ded Gamer

    i really need help. everytime my device turns off, when i turn it back on the jailbreak is gone. i guess it unjaibreaks itself and i don’t if anyone else has this problem, but i’ve been trying to find a solution but i couldn’t i need help please.

  6. BigMacBook1300

    I jail broke my iPad last night and everything was fine when I woke up it was back to plain stock I tried re-jailbreaking but won’t work so I turned off the tweaks and it was jailbroke but no tweaks.

  7. SKULL _95_

    i clicked on jailbreak after my phone powered off and now i cant even use my phone, i cant power it off, i cant open any apps, when i unlock my phone there is just a black screen some help pls

  8. DJ migho

    my phone unjailbreaks by itself overnight while charging, I wake to my phone being back to stock. Any recommendations ? …. Seriously ill never get like this while jailbroken with electra i always had to rejailbreak after 7 days if someone can help thanks guys!!!!!!

  9. Dylan Rosario

    Hugeeee question, because I literally can't find a genuine fix for this anywhere: Some of my preferences won't load into settings. I get an error saying it couldn't load the preference bundle. Is there a fix for that at all? In all my years of jailbreaking, I haven't experienced this until now and thus I'm lost.

  10. ii reapXr ii

    After I got the error where it couldn’t extract bootstrap, I did as you said got rejailbroken, but all my tweak are gone. Any way to get them all back without having to go and install every one of them again?

  11. Chris Slaughter

    EVERYONE! If you update “essentials on Cydia and see something like borne supremacy etc. DO NOT REMOVE THEM! I accidentally taped the “unsafe” removal and my phone crashed and would not hard reboot?. It went to the initial “hello” screen and would not open the phone?. I tried everything, but the only fix was updating to ios12.2. So don’t make my mistake?….. jailbroken phones are very sensitive ?

  12. Knut Melbye

    When I’m trying to install a tweak these two errors pops up:

    1. Failed to open package info file ‘/var/lib/dpkg/’ for reading: No such file or directory

    2. Sub-process /usr/libexec/cydia/cydo returned an error code (1)

    Please tell me how to fix these problems!?

  13. S colly

    I keep on getting http/1.1 404 not found be jailbreaking for years and never come across this and there’s nothing on YouTube to fix it please could someone help me thanks

  14. Arshan Mulla

    hey guys, i installed uncover and succesfully jailbreaked my device. But after i restarted my phone the uncover app just wont open.. and the certificate in the device management is also missing. Please help.

  15. Dmitry P.

    Good day. Just installed uo jailbreak on my ipad 2017 ios 12.1.2 from mobile device. Before prep: dwnloaded ios update deleted. Uo jailbreak was installed 3 times but no cydia on my home screen. I tried to install it from zjailbreak app, but when I get in I can not do nothing….help

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