Flutter Getting Started: Can You Build iOS Android Apps with One Language?

It’s been very interesting using Flutter these past couple of weeks. I think its really growing on me how easy it is to setup an application using Dart. In today’s video, let’s go over what it looks like to develop a simple list application and check out what Dart code looks like.

Installing Flutter SDK:
VS Code:
Configure Dart Plugin:

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Completed Source Code


39 Replies to “Flutter Getting Started: Can You Build iOS Android Apps with One Language?”

  1. Mark Murphy

    Been put off app development previously and kept to web dev but Flutter makes this look easy, or maybe that's just your tutorial teaching style.

    Using a list was a great idea. Never realised until now that many apps are list based.


  2. Luke V

    A very good tutorial IF you already have Flutter installed.

    Setting up Flutter, Android Studio, Android SDK, Android Emulator, and VS Code & troubleshooting them was far more complicated than following this video. I agree with other comments that this process could merit a tutorial all on its own.

    With that said great video once you're set up!

  3. Maudrandir

    Hey, I've heard that you can also use Kotlin native for IOS development, is that practicle? or has a future?, I recently started learning programming (with kotlin) šŸ˜›

  4. Gopa kumar

    Thank you for this great video. Just a clarification, I use windows for development. I wish to learn and deploy apps in Flutter. Should i buy a Mac for that or can I develop and deploy (both iOS and Android) using my windows machine. Thank you!

  5. Amr Aboeleneen

    I tried a lot to use flutter and every time I get some issues. after this tutorial I am GOOD! really this is the best tutorial for flutter i have seen ever!!!!

  6. TwstedTV

    Ive been debating on what programming language to learn. Then I bumped into the Google-IO live stream on Youtube, (Which I totally forgot the event was even happening)….lol
    And I think I know what I want to learn. Since everyone these days is using mobile as their go to content consumption, I am seriously considering & looking into learning DART/Flutter.
    Im just afraid that something might happen & all this Flutter / DART might just be the "hot thing for now", and it winds up collapsing and just becoming a niche thing.
    Reason I say this is we "ALL" know that Google is well known for starting new things to then close the doors to them a few months later and make something new again "rinse & repeat".
    Right now im even surprised GMail is still alive, if you get what I am saying……LOL
    PS:> please make a tutorial for Flutter/DART šŸ™‚

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