Flutter vs Native Android / iOS (WHICH DO I LEARN?!)

The best android courses in the world:

I spent a month using Flutter. Here are the questions I answer in this video:
1) PROs of using Flutter
2) CONs of using Flutter
3) Flutter vs Native Android / iOS. What’s better?
4) Jobs Flutter is great for
5) How to get rich building Flutter apps


43 Replies to “Flutter vs Native Android / iOS (WHICH DO I LEARN?!)”

  1. AZ Ackmatoff

    500MB? That's huge man. You have probably got your debug apk by running "flutter build apk". First of, release size is small, but you can also run "flutter build apk – – split-per-abi"
    I've build a platform, the app is not small, a platform where people rent goods or rent out. It's size is 30Mb

  2. joey A

    You assumed the company that needs a plugin developer lacks good native developers…the flutter team itself has those kind of people

  3. Almat Baiduisenov

    Love the video and the analysis. I have a question, so this app I want to build involves functions like Uploading videos and Pictures by users (like on Instagram) and have Home Feed, can you build it with Flutter? Really appreciate if anyone answers this question!

  4. Sourav Ahmed

    I've fallen in love with flutter. But your 40+ min video made me fall more deeper. Although I'm starting to learn native android to make money by selling plugins. 🤑🤑🤑
    You haven't talk about animation in flutter flutter. That's one of the strong point of flutter.
    I think google knows what they are doing. I want to see flutter dominating all platform window, mac, website, ios, android on basic level. Then when it comes to building platform specific service based app, native developer will shine there.

  5. Aman deep

    Native guys just don't want to move on… Well they're missing a lot because Flutter is actually very very impressive in terms of development.

  6. DNeers Online Services Pvt Ltd

    I was on my by bike when I was listening to this. I do this normally coz it helps me concentrate.

    At the end of the video I stopped my ride just to like and subscribe. You truly earned it.

    Amazing video and Great perspectives!!!

  7. Gendy Adel

    I'm CS final year student and this topic was confusing for me and almost anyone is trying to figure how to make it into the mobile development, this video (specially the final thoughts part) is really helpful and informative it's not something to pick and never change it back.
    Also considering the local community/market circumstances is important
    I think I will check the video again later, Thanks Mitch

  8. Fathi Omer

    27:00 you mentioned an interesting point, I'm an android developer and I'm thinking of building a restaurant management app, it's gonna be mostly managing/displaying data but I'm planning to add some services such as GPS tracking when orders placed and maybe other services I can think of in the future but I doubt there will be camera service "thankfully lol" maybe gallery intent. So what do you think of GPS service in flutter? Great video BTW I'll continue watching

  9. Mizoto

    Companies will have people to create their own plugins, so they won’t have to rely on the flutter community. (Large companies)

  10. Nour Diaa

    you don't have to build a plug-in for every feature you need like background service look for flutter platform channel it will do it for you easy way little native programming skill needed though but you will get features of both worlds

  11. Howard Thompson

    I have developed an Android and a Flutter app in both stores. I agree with most things you’ve said. I think “The Team Lead” guy’s views on server side being more the future than Flutter; I think he is again focusing on the kind of app that doesn’t require hardware plugins/native. Maybe that will happen. Maybe not.

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