Fortnite Android vs iOS vs Switch Mobile! What Is the Best Portable Experience?

Yes, Fortnite has hit Android but how does it compare to the iOS and Switch mobile versions of the game? Join Rich for a detailed look at how every portable Fortnite experience compares, and how all of them stack up against the fully armed and operation Xbox One X experience!

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39 Replies to “Fortnite Android vs iOS vs Switch Mobile! What Is the Best Portable Experience?”

  1. random stuff

    fortnite on android has improved greatly now back when it launched my s8 wasnt playable but now it actually manages to stay at 30fps most of the time

  2. Vegetalover SUPERSAIYAN3

    I think all this mobile settings Epic set are just limitors for marketing purpuoses. I saw a guy with modified S6 Edge running Fortnite Mobile on the "High" setting. He modified the firmware putting the Usa S8 one. He was playing at solid 20-25 fps on high with a 4 years old Android Phone. So why an Exynos 7420 can handle Fortnite this way and Exynos 9810 and 8895 can't? I know that Snapdragon users are Lucky, but I'm just saying.

  3. random stuff

    My s8 gets unplayable performance and it's impossible to exit game because system UI is basically frozen it's usually quicker to force a reboot than to wait for system UI to load the navbar register pressing app switcher button opening the app switcher and finally registering the swipe to close fortnite

  4. David Schneider

    I don't play this game, but thought it was an interesting comparison. One thing that keeps sticking out to me is the simplified geometry in the mobile versions. For instance, the dock was two pieces, whereas on xbox & switch it was individual planks. It makes me wonder if the mobile versions used custom assets but the Switch was based more strongly on the originals.

  5. Second Account

    Honestly, unless you already have one of these phones, I would get a Nintendo switch for portable Fortnite. There is no argumnent. Physical buttons are better than touch controls. I also think in my oppinion that the switch looks the best in some aspects (compared to mobile obviously). There's also a $700 price gap. You can also play it on your tv if you wanted.

  6. Manoel Neto

    Battery usage is also another reason limiting the smartphone versions. If you run the iPhoneX CPU and GPU at steady 100% it will drain a full battery in under 90 minutes. Epic actually optimized the game to be able to hit 60fps, but capped the framerate at 30fps to reduce the hit on the battery.

    The Switch was designed to last 3 hours under full load, so it can afford to run the full UE4 deferred renderer with screen space occlusion, dynamic point lights and temporal antialiasing while the smartphone versions are limited to the UE4 mobile forward renderer.

  7. Dosunceste

    Fortnite on Switch is the best Fortnite mobile experience: smoothest, with graphics assets closest to console versions and last but not least with physical buttons which makes the play session so much better.

  8. Trolly McTrollface

    Please tone the body language down. You don't need gestures for every syllable. I have a very hard time watching your videos because of the CAPS LOCK YELLING equivalent body language.

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