FORTNITE MOBILE vs. PUBG Mobile (ANDROID & iOS, iPhone, iPad)

Fortnite Mobile vs. PUBG Mobile!
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Today we will be comparing the strange differences between Fortnite Mobile for iOS and the PUBG Mobile Android, iOS, iPad, and iPhone app on the Google Play Store and App Store!

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Fortnite Mobile is the most popular game on the App Store and soon to be able to download on Android devices with Fortnite Mobile on the Google Play store for all android phones and tablets. However a new game called PUBG Mobile is available for Android devices and Apple iOS devices. There are multiple similarities and differences between these two battle royal games are not too crazy as Epic games made a fun Fortnite Mobile while PUBG Mobile focuses on the complex graphics and great quality gameplay! Subscribe for more Fortnite Mobile gameplay and PUBG Mobile gameplay!

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43 Replies to “FORTNITE MOBILE vs. PUBG Mobile (ANDROID & iOS, iPhone, iPad)”

  1. Ap3x Justin

    Pubg mobile is better because you dont have to bother with the "Your phone is not compatible with fortnite" crap. Also the crawling feature in pubg really comes in handy cause some people wont even see ya sometimes

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