Fortnite vs Apple: App Store Royale

Fortnite has been kicked off both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, after a growing dispute between Epic Games and Apple and Google. But the roots of the dispute go back to Steve Jobs and the origin of the App Store model — a model Epic is now trying to overturn.

** Correction: This video refers to an App Store case headed to the Supreme Court — in fact, the Supreme Court ruled on Apple v. Pepper in 2019, finding narrowly that App Store customers have standing to sue Apple over App Store prices. The case was sent to lower courts, which have not yet ruled on the merits of the underlying antitrust claim. **

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50 Replies to “Fortnite vs Apple: App Store Royale”

  1. Michael Hazell

    GG, shilling for Epic. Epic willfully decided to breach their contract with Apple. Apple responded accordingly.

    Epic has benefitted from the App Store for years before they decided they wanted to no longer honor their agreement. Breaching the contract and launching a PR campaign to brainwash children is not how businesses conduct themselves.

  2. Raj

    Sony and Microsoft are charging Epic the “SAME 30% Apple is charging” them, why Epic not sue Sony and Microsoft where 80% of there Business comes from – OH I see you need to go after Apple for the “Publicity” bunch of cheap skates 🤣😂👀

  3. Dax Jacobson

    I expect Epic Games to get crushed, Apple and Google are duopolies and only for now, tomorrow a better mousetrap could wipe them both out, like they did to RIM / Blackberry

  4. Ethan Hunter

    I think the lawsuit against Apple is just but the one against Google is not. App stores are a service in and of themselves. By preventing the use of alternative app stores on their phones, Apple is engaging in anti-competitive practices imo. They might as well ban all map app that aren't theirs as well. They can say it's for user safety or whatever, idk. It's not Apple's job to squash potential app store competitors in the name of the consumer. I'm sure consumers would also be interested in cheaper apps due to a lower fee charged by an alternative app store, but you won't see Apple making that argument.

    Google already allows alternative app stores. If Epic wants to whine that people still used the play store they're free to do so, but it's pretty petty imo. If they don't offer their customers enough incentive to Google "download fortnite apk" that's their problem, not Google's.

  5. LanCyfer

    I used to be able to copy my Unreal Tournament folder to a completely different computer, click the EXE and it would work. Didn't even need to be "installed" on Win98
    Epic's always been doing things to skirt the "man" LOL

  6. Pipflow Platform

    Correction Apple didn't made a revolution with app store. It just badly copied it from linux/bsd repositories and actually corrupted it making it worse applying the apple tax. An abuse of position. Well done Epic!

  7. victorkin11

    If apple & google stop making his own music, game, TV service etc. I am ok that you take your cut. But if you use your own store as the same time compete with other developer, that is unfair!

  8. Erik Diaz

    This is funny 😄 companies pay royalties to everybody for them using their name and in some cases payment centers like chase and visa. This is trusted companies and if your a no name brand looking to get into this business then you get treated like everybody else and given the chance to play a a level playing field with high companies. You can thank Apple for that chance

  9. Don Firth

    It sounds like Epic is run by real @!#?!@. Apple Creates an easier and safer way for developers to make a good living. Epic agrees to be a part of it. Then without even suggesting an alternative breaks the agreement and finally sues Apple. It would be great if people would just stay away from things they don't like and let the ones who do just be left to enjoy. As a customer I enjoy the sense of security and ease of returns. Maybe one day as a developer I would love to get 70% of the sales revenue.

  10. nickgeomap

    If you think 30% sounds reasonable in comparison to 50%, note that other digital payment systems like credit cards take around 3% of transaction revenue (1% if you are a big player). Costs for delivering the service are similar. 27% is the difference between competition and monopoly!

  11. Fabio Comelli

    Apple should buy Epic and fires all the staff. Epic signed a contract. Apple take 30%, fornite can be download for free, so the 30% of Zero in Zero. You can buy vbuck from epic store in safari, and use on Fortnite on every platform. A lot of noise for nothing. The way epic want the App Store mean that it can bypass the parent locking so a kid could spent real money, even if the iPhone has a parental control. Before talking on a video you should get some informations.

  12. Modern Warfare God

    Keep trying with you're pathetic article, it's a full court this month so you know it's gonna be back on the store… You know the judge has kids that play fortnite on ios. 🤣🤣

  13. Christian Wilson

    You are the first one that I agree with on here about why Epic did this lawsuit. You paid $99.00 yearly + 30% commission for selling your game each + 30% commission for each In-App Purchase, so that is 60% not 30%

    Either Apple needs to drop one or both 30% or make the yearly rate cheaper, that is what this lawsuit is about

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