Four Tips To Improve Oppo Find X User Experience

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  1. future3

    The problem with reviewers, including this one is they never mention all the OS issues with ColorOS. They never mention the auto-start limits to apps, never mention the lengths you have to go through to get notifications for non-recommend apps.

  2. Elder Lich

    I recently got the Lamborghini version of the phone in a luck draw, its a unique phone, took me a week to get used to having no finger print sensor to unlock


    And for those worried about accidently turning on ur camera. U can always disable the camera function using aps like cameraless. This allows to u determine when u want to use the camera

  4. TheChief_95

    On the Chinese ROM you can say, "Xiao O xiao O" to unlock the device.

    Search "Voice Assistant" in settings and the rest should be self explanatory.

  5. Sergey Dzakhoev

    Thank you for the tips, Man! Do you know whether it is possible to get a Global Rom in China or not? I checked TaoBao and JD but unfortunately couldn't find 🙁

  6. Mahmoud Khedr

    Can I know the model no. Or something like that for that global version as I need to buy it China by one of my friends and how much it coasts for the 256 GB version!!?
    Please let me know.. Thanks in advance

  7. jmfh270

    You must have never had the oppo n3 cause it has a rotating camera and if you want to take a selfie or video call you have to rotate the camera and I have two and they still work an both have well over 10000 pictures

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