Galaxy A70 Full Tour!

Galaxy A70 Full Tour! Hello all and welcome to this full tour video of the Samsung Galaxy A70! In this video we tour the budget Samsung device and discuss the device to get a first impression of the product. The Samsung Galaxy A70 features a 6.7 inch Super amOLED Display, 32MP+8MP+5MP Triple camera, 6GB/8GB of ram, Snapdragon 675 cpu, and a 4500 mAh battery. If you have the Galaxy A70 share your experiences with the community! Any other questions, comments, concerns, please be sure to share them below!


Get this Samsung Galaxy A70 here:

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38 Replies to “Galaxy A70 Full Tour!”

  1. Gopina BK

    Hi friends,

    I would like to buy new mobile. I mention specifications here.

    8GB + 128GB
    GPU: Adreno-620
    6.4inch screen
    Amoled display
    4500mah battery
    With Gorilla glass

    Kindly suggest me which brand is best to buy new mobile.

    Please reply !!!

  2. PhillyJay. OnePlus 6T- Samsung A51 5G

    I got the Samsung a20 as my backup phone to my oneplus 6t and it has the exynos 7884 processor. I noticed that this Samsung A70 has the Snapdragon 675 processor.

    Now on my Samsung A20 I'm surprised at how smooth and optimized and responsive the phone is despite it only having 3 gigs of RAM and I think that can be contributed to the Samsung exynos processor.

    I think Samsung should just use their own processors in their phones. I guarantee you if this Samsung A70 had the exynos processor in it it would be much smoother. there a reason why a lot of people want the S Series and the Note phones to all come with exynos processors instead of the Snapdragon.

  3. Abdul Hai

    Ive had s, s2, s3, s4, s5, s7 edge,and s8+ . Ive become tired of samsungs flagships. S5 was probably the only phone that had any significant upgrades. Idk why people are so crazy about aluminum frame and glass screen if youre gonna be putting a case on which many people do.

  4. QuorkEx

    I've only ever used phones with smaller screens (4.8 inches or less). Do things scale up on larger screens? For example, with an App like Uber, would I see a bigger map with this phone, or just everything the same size and more of the map area? (I'm visually impaired so things like this could be useful)

  5. Peter F

    I have the A50. I love it for the price and it feels very premium for only being a mid range phone. One thing I like to do with my phones is enable developer options, go in and turn off all animations. This gives a phone a little bit more speed.

  6. Jezack R

    Got it for a few days, but had to return it as the issue with the fingerprint scanner was unbearable – at times I had to press up to 5 times for the print to register. Other than that the phone is golden and great for the price… all except that scanner=_=

  7. Mark Angelo

    How to fullscreen youtube it will just zoom it … tried display settings fullscreen app still the same pls helpHow to fullscreen youtube it will just zoom it … tried display settings fullscreen app still the same pls help

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