Galaxy Fold – HOW is Samsung Releasing THIS!?

The Galaxy Fold looked to be a revolutionary device that combined the small form factor of a phone, with the big screen experience of a tablet. However, we’ve recently seen reports of review units breaking due to a lack of durability. The main problem – You can break the Galaxy Fold by peeling off a plastic screen protector.

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27 Replies to “Galaxy Fold – HOW is Samsung Releasing THIS!?”

  1. titanguy8308

    Lol it so funny how this is the future, it a phone that folds hello!! Remember flip phones lol Samsung always jump to put out any new thing they have out with no real functionality just so they can say we did it first smh. Just put this shit in the same junk pile with the curve tv.

  2. Iron bolt

    I view this phone as a toy. It is not suitable for everyday use, it is easily damaged. You know how much beating a phone takes everyday – I don’t see a fold lasting a long time in hands of a customer that only has 1 phone.

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