Galaxy Fold – NEW Footage Shows Crease ?

New Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on footage (alleged) has been published. It appears to show a Galaxy Fold exhibiting a crease (reflection) in the center of the display. Will a visible crease on the Samsung Galaxy Fold deter you from purchase?

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27 Replies to “Galaxy Fold – NEW Footage Shows Crease ?”

  1. Tylor Collins

    Also, he may not have had it opened up all the way to its max. This would sink the middle of the screen in a little bit making where the function is, more visible.

  2. JBS :p

    The crease made it disappointing. To look at it makes me hate the thing, I understand that it has a few flaws that probably won't be corrected but that crease pushes me away from my admiration of it all

  3. belchmelch

    he’s just stating the obvious… people who love Samsung… will still buy it…

    this crease does look better than folding out phones with that bubble/bump.

  4. kevin jones

    Both huawei , samsung, they had crease like origami. I can say that depend how many we open close it, each time use as daily driver the more crease visibility noticed and the end it tear apart like plastic

  5. Montana Michael

    Bummer 🙁 But there comes a point where the cost of a phone makes you feel stupid also….wasteful with your hard earned money. Rich people knock yourself out. The majority of us…the heart and backbone of America..we arent buying that phone for two grand. Get real.

  6. dottie471

    Why are you even surprised. If you want it to fold it has to have a hinge and you want it last . My axon m's hinge is quite large. Its solid but if you ran the screen across it. I don't think it would hide it completely.

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