Galaxy Fold – Samsung CANCELLED The Launch Event

Samsung Galaxy Fold Event in China has been cancelled. The galaxy fold event was scheduled for April 24th in China. Samsung states that the cancellation is due to the venue.

However, we have some more info that might have other intent for cancellation.

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44 Replies to “Galaxy Fold – Samsung CANCELLED The Launch Event”

  1. tatumtate

    Flexible screens are liable to break..once you have a fold that is soft it will break..testing on robot testers are not the same as pockets ,handbags and sweaty finger and knocks ..also little children love to pick flexible things with their tiny nails…

  2. TD .r

    영어라 뭔말인지 모르겠지만 삼성이 2만회 실험했다는데 리뷰들은 왜 이모양이냐 삼성도 참 아프겠다 그렇게 실험하고 굴려댔는데 이러니.. 물론 영상이 잘못햇다는건 아니고 삼성이 잘못만든거니..

  3. WooferJr

    The thing is that unfortunately even if you don't peel that plastic screen cover dust, and moisture will get inside of it and ruin the display. Especially if you live in a dusty environment. Paying almost $2,000 for a phone that is eventually going get ruined is not a good idea financially so I don't agree in buying this fold as of right now. Only time will tell..

  4. Jennifer Debono

    Meanwhile we haven't heard anymore units having faults except the one….the Verge were complete idiots as well. There's a good reason why I don't read newspapers or watch news ….except one local one. I think that must be the only decent newspaper in the whole world. Lew (Unboxing Therapy) and Ice Universe are lucky…they are pretty much attached to their Fold.

  5. Jennifer Debono

    For one thing it's just one unit that's faulty…the one given to the Verge is their fault…they put it on clay, of all things, and debris got in. There's only one which is actually acceptable. The reason they cancelled is because the press (bless their black little hearts} would totally ruin the event asking about the ONE faulty display. So Samsung have cancelled it till the shock and awe dies down. You're late, I've known this for two days lol

  6. Moose Be Canadian

    It’s not user error if someone peels a screen protector off. Samsung released a product before it was perfected to let their consumers beta test for them. I’m a big fan of the galaxy fold and I think once perfected it could be the future. It needs to be more durable with an S10 sized screen on the front and fold out to an 9 inch tablet with minimal bezels for me to buy it.

  7. Lisa Robertson

    This is why I buy Samsung if a product isn't ready to roll off the line they will pull it they don't wanna have any issues like the note 7 I will look forward to ther fold when it's ready

  8. Phillip C.

    YouTube content creators could be so powerful, more powerful than the leftist parasites on the mainstream media. I love it!
    Thanks so much brother!

  9. Defeat Ignorance

    Who wants a plastic film on their phone?! It eventually starts coming off on its own, collects dust around the edges, scratches easily, makes watching videos very unpleasant, etc. No phone should require a shitty piece of plastic on top of the screen to prevent catastrophic failure. This only proves the phone was rushed and is nowhere near consumer-ready. Samsung is usually the top of the pack, but this is a serious fail.

  10. BONOKI

    Sakitech, it is unbelievable that its happened. i saw footage of Samsung product testing their there Folds over & over so things like this would not happen. they cant have another '7' incident.
    i believe the cancellations are in relation to broken Folds…

  11. Vigée Le Brun

    Given the fact it is a top class product, very expensive and no meant to be sold in millions and millions of units they should assure complete assistance to the customers as far as the screen is concerned, such as a yearly free replacement of the layer on the screen, an extended warranty and so on. Not to mention the fact that they should clearly say that it cannot be treated as a normal smartphone. I think is a great step forward in smartphone technology anyway.

  12. Tom Holmes

    Two peeled screens and one shop uses clay to prop up the phone and gets it into the hinge. The hinge offers protection when the phone is full closed or fully open, but it has gaps when it's in between. One person had a screen issue that isn't explained by user error. Hey, you've got to idiot-proof your phones, but one would think that sophisticated phone users would be smarter. That is the market this device is aimed at right? The phone people? Samsung knows only the dedicated and the wealthy will buy in on this one. If you're neither, then those who are, are doing the pioneer work for you, and you should thank them for it, not deride their wisdom. You're welcome.

  13. Saved By His Grace

    The fold is interesting, but I am hesitant to purchase a first edition product for that price. There is always problems with first edition products. Wait till folding screen phones are better understood before purchasing..

  14. John Kavanaugh

    ✌️in, well mine's heading in the mail right to me here in northern Idaho, I can't wait to get it, it's been traveling for a few days now, thanks for the information.

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