Galaxy Fold: Unveiling

A new chapter in mobile begins.

The #GalaxyFold is our most significant leap forward, completely reinventing the shape of mobile with our first-ever foldable 7.3 inch Super AMOLED Infinity-Flex Display.

Ten years after the first Galaxy,
we didn’t just change the shape of the phone,
we changed the shape of tomorrow.


Learn more:
*Color and design details may vary by model.
**Image simulated. UX/UI subject to change.

31 Replies to “Galaxy Fold: Unveiling”

  1. Y V

    Unfortunately the screen to body ratio on the screen folded or unfolded isn't good enough… look at the Huawei foldable phone… might as well just get an s10 since it gives a sturdier/ durable device with a higher screen to body ratio, and there is no significant notch on the top right for the s10 as well

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