Galaxy Fold: Watch Samsung unveil the foldable phone

Samsung’s first foldable phone costs $1,980 and goes on sale April 26. Here is the announcement at the company’s event in San Francisco.

Samsung reveals more about the Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s foldable phone is here!
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39 Replies to “Galaxy Fold: Watch Samsung unveil the foldable phone”

  1. Jamie Tippett

    I know its only a small feature, but I really would have liked to see an s-pen with this phone. But Samsung would of destroyed their note phones if they did

  2. Shinya Kogami

    Why does that guy look like the brother of Trevor Einhorn from The Magicians (Especially when he called for Josh i thought he calls Trevor xD) They should get Bryan Dechart (Connor from Detroit become Human) next time.

  3. León

    Can't wait to see what Apple will do against this, make another iPhone 5 and call it the iphone XI and put a sticker price of over 2k on it? The strip down some of its functions and sell for 200 less

  4. Bobby Smith

    So when I drop this said phone and brake the inner screen how much is that? Lmfao the shit is to dear it’s a bloody phone how many faults will this have? Lol

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