Galaxy Note 10 Lite – FULL REVIEW! [The Best Note For Most People?]

Is the Galaxy Note 10 Lite as great as Samsung claims? In this video, I test it!


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Quad-Camera (and NOT a macro lens!!)
4500 mAh battery (largest in any Note)
Super AMOLED Big display, 6.7” 1080×2400
Headphone jack
Optical on screen fingerprint sensor
3 colors – glow, black, red

Rounded corners, feels more like S-lineup
Aluminum bumpers
Feels a bit heavier
No wireless charging
Poor speaker on bottom (single speaker setup)
No depth camera

128GB storage
Expandable up to 1TB
4500 mAh battery
Exynos 9 octa core
25W fast charging
Cost around $500

12MP (all 3 on back) (4k60)
CAN zoom between all 3 lenses on back!
32MP selfie camera (4k30)

Will follow the same update schedule as the flagships!
Literally everything in OneUI that the flagships have
Unlike the Note10, this has no table wobble – which is important on a stylus phone

No S-pen gestures, only button
No depth camera
No curved display
No stereo speakers
No wireless charging
No IP rating 🙁
Geekbench scores have the S10 lite performing slightly better

My camera:

My microphone:

My audio recorder:

My tripod:

My video editor:

Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
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46 Replies to “Galaxy Note 10 Lite – FULL REVIEW! [The Best Note For Most People?]”


    Affordable Note Series .For those who facing tight cash flow ,Galaxy Note 10 Lite is the 👍/ best choice for u & still include headphone jack . Really awesome . 👍👍💪💯🔥 The price tag for my country ( Malaysia ) just RM 1599 – 1699 only very worth to buy it . 👍👍

  2. Bewar Aziz

    I've had this phone for almost a year and the problems I experienced with it are these;
    1. Old chipset "Exynon 9810" which shortens battery life because it's 10 nm.
    2. Slow and inaccurate "optical" fingerprint scanner especially in colder conditions.
    3. Inaccurate proximity sensor for calling
    4. Low quality front facing camera

  3. Glowing Rectangles

    The cameras are pretty terrible.
    Hi Rez but,
    It's impossible to make the colour look natural. And the selfie camera automatically does some weird facial processing that makes my face look like I have makeup on, and changes the shape of my face and eyes. it's super creepy and there's no option to turn it off. I've basically stopped taking selfies or pictures of people anymore. My previous phones were older iPhones, Head I never had any problem with the camera seeming so unnatural even if the resolution was a little lower.

  4. Agrim Jain

    Bought the n10 lite as said earlier and typing with the Spen right now feels good. lol.

    Just here to share my experience. Camera is mostly fine but 2X uses cropped 1X during Night time.

    I'am not a heavy gamer or something so performore never mattered. But …. it still lagged. specially in the initial days of use. It is getting better though but still not recommended for performance seekers.

    Another issued I felt is battery is not upto mark drains pretty quick.

    Another well known issue….ofc. bad fingerprint & face detection. works well when it does…but refuses to work at all the other time.

    Alot bad being said… It's a great phone to use.The camera, display, interface, AND the S Pen .Brilliant. If you are not a fan of S Pen..Get this phone and you will start loving it. Specially the handwriting on keyboard.The feedback is just so…..Amazing.

  5. Halim Miah

    I can buy the Note 10 lite officially at the price of pixel 4a(unofficial) Does it worthbthe price? And In my country Xiaomi Realme Oppo Vivo doesn't sells their kind of flagship devices officially besides Oneplus hasn't came to my country officially yet.
    And actually I take a lot of photos and do a little bit of gaming and browse social media.

  6. crankshipower

    hi ive had my samsung galaxy note 10 lite for a week now, from the note 8, only one thing is the speaker, the note 8 had a more powerful speaker, but apart from that, its lovely phone,

  7. Charlene Norton

    Love the Note 10 lite. I always wanted a note but the price was not in my budget. Getting so many great note features at a great price made this a perfect fit for me. Upgraded from a galaxy S7 that I had to charge 3 times a day makes me really appreciate the battery life on the Note 10 lite.

  8. Gregory Kitchens

    Its a nice phone. I think I'm too spoiled on the note 10 plus and s 20 plus to go down to the lite. But if I didn't have one of them, I'd go for this phone. I cant believe they pulled off the aura glow with a plastic back, but that is definitely a plus. I loved my note 10 plus so kuch I always kept it locked up on a ft knox freaking case. With a plastic back I'd be able to have it out of the case more often.

  9. Gregory Kitchens

    I think its great. The only big downside is the lack of a time of flight sensor. I use mine every day and its the reason I got the note 10 plus and now the s20 plus. Im glad to see samsung was smart enough to recognize the popularity of the note 10 line and capitalize on it. The note 20 line to me is burning and is a step backwards in many ways other than hardware performance.

    The camera bump is twice as thick as the s20 ultra, it only zooms half as far, loses the tof sensor, and the colors look like it got a corporate job after so many years being a wild child. Samsung if by some miracle you read this BRING BACK AURA GLOW, TO ALL DEVICES!!

  10. Jen Polar

    thanks for that review! I finally could decide on which smartphone to buy. Its so hard to find the right one within the existing range. Especially as the differences get smaller and smaller…

  11. Chris Larkin

    Good video you've done.. is the camera on this phone better than the S10 im thinking of buying this phone for a change from my S10 ?Good move of bad?

  12. Manu

    got mine a month ago and the front camera seems defective, it can't capture details like hair and the quality is bad? is it normal?

  13. The Common Man On Wheels

    I am from India and watched all the awful (not negative or positive, but content wise) reviews done by Indian (so called) Techie YouTubers, and was disappointed, but this review of yours made me think that this is going to be the next phone for me..!!

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