Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the luxury phone

Samsung Note 10 Plus – here’s our review for the king of Android phones. Can it keep the crown, or have all the other, less expensive contenders made it just another phone? The answer to that question, Dieter Bohn says, is simply this: how much would you pay to have a stylus in your phone?

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25 Replies to “Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the luxury phone”

  1. Rooo

    This critic is wrong about so much. I use dex constantly and it's very useful at work. Once you start using the S pen it's hard to go back as well.

  2. ali krsn

    Hello my friend. I watched your review videos. I only have a question like this, is it normal for the speaker to vibrate behind the phone in note 10 plus model?

  3. Ayush Gupta

    I agree 100% on having 3 different ecosystem in your mobile.
    Google, Samsung and Microsoft and trust me sometimes its too much.
    2 is max, I get confused between samsung and Microsoft accounts.
    On one side Samsung is backing up my data, sometimes Microsoft and google is always their.
    I wish it could have only one unified account or max upto 2.

  4. Just Cade

    4:58 You all heard it, straight from Dieter's mouth. Samsung makes the most beautiful phones. The Note 20 is arguably even more beautiful, but it doesn't have that amazing color of the Note 10. And look at the Galaxy S10, for that matter, definitely a stunner.

  5. Scott W. Harriger

    Headphone jack missing? Get a triple adapter on Slamazon that way you have a usb-c charger port, a usb-c headphone port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack in one adapter. Twenty bucks. As far as fingerprints on the Aurora Glow color, get a clear Otterbox Symmetry case. Wipe the phone down then put on the case. Problem solved.

  6. Chocolate Pie1819

    The most accurate review of the note 10 plus. I really liked that statement; "it is a luxury object like the rolex". Really that statement had hit me hard considering that a few days ago I found a smartphone that does 90% of the things that the note does for half the price and I thought I wasted my money. Thanks Dieter

  7. T. Knight

    One year later to the day, and I just bought a note10+ brand new for 650$, it's amazing.
    Pro tip: avoid the early adopters tax and buy top-tier flagships one year after release at almost half-price.

  8. R H

    That comment, if its not expert it will be hassle? Sshh. Most galaxy note user is like disciple. They know straight away which is new added thing. Pro users – thats the missing word.

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