Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Start Using This Feature Now

In this video, I will show you an amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus Feature that you need to know and start using immediately.

Note 10 Plus has a secret feature known as the secure folder that allows you to hide photos, videos, text messages and just about any file under a total lockdown so no one else can ever see your private files.

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43 Replies to “Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Start Using This Feature Now”

  1. Billiedee Gibbs

    Great video on how to keep people on the outside from getting in but how strong is it from hackers accessing if you feel your phone has been hacked! [If possible can you answer in a video?]

  2. Orlando Rodriguez

    So i tried to use a adapter type c from a jackinput but something is not allowing to be used unless the part it damage … but is new. I just get those notification coming from a google secure folder….trying to find info on this

  3. Randy Pullman

    Hell no i fkn hate it! 1st thing it did was suck 1100 photos. Then when i decided to move them back i have to move them back ONE AT A TIME!!
    I hid a video that was struck for copyright and sure enough gone from "secure folder"

  4. kamal dean

    How about app locks? I came from a vivo phone where it had an inbuilt encryption.. For example, when u open an app, it requires ur finger print or pin… Does this note 10+ have it? I moved over to Samsung n I'm confused…

  5. Pugest pug

    Can anyone help me, I’m trying to figure out how to lock my phone where it requires the pin soo when I go sleep no one can use my thumb to get but when it unlocks with the pin it goes back to being able to use thumb and face id

  6. Paula Parker

    Question; I understand I can move my banking apps to this folder, but what about Samsung Pay? If I l can l, launch Samsung Pay by swiping up on my screen; would I be able to keep using this feature?

  7. Richard Reed

    Hi Saki. I recently purchased a Galaxy Note 10+ and when I download apps from the PlayStore, the data gets downloaded (I can find them in the Settings under Apps), but the app icons do not appear on any of the screens. Any suggestions?


    this was brilliant. thank you.
    i think the fingerprint is the best & most secure way to unlock your device & files…
    best feature on Samsung besides retinal scanner.

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