Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review: It Better Be Good!

Note 20 Ultra starts at $1299. Key word Ultra.
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Mystic Bronze):
dbrand Grip for Note 20 Ultra:

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Phone provided by Samsung for review.


50 Replies to “Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review: It Better Be Good!”

  1. Josh Czerpak

    I have everything Apple. Power beats pro, AirPods Pro, MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone. This phone makes me want to switch to droid for all of the great things it has over an iPhone. Any thoughts on how bad that would mess up the rest of my ecosystem? I could switch phones, but my wallet can’t let me switch everything

  2. J D

    bro no one cares about how thick a phone is as long as is reasonable and makes sense.
    STOP WITH THE MASSIVE CAMERA BUMPS, make it even and thicker with extra battery, are all those engineers boomers?

  3. Leopard1inSC

    Question: Is there control bottoms on/off on the left AND right side of phone? Curious because I have the Note 10 plus with all buttons on the left. 🤔 Hate it!

  4. snowpuppy77

    Good review. I wanted this phone but thought $1300 was too much. Was about to upgrade from Note 8 to Note 10+ but when I saw Bestbuy had the Note 20 Ultra on sale for $300 off I grabbed one. Amazing piece of hardware for sure. A real pleasure to use. This review mentioned the internal speaker not being a strong point. For me it is because it is better than the internal speaker of the Note 8 and I have not compared to other phones.

  5. HyperwolfSama

    I still like my galaxy note 9 500g 8g ram version with my headphone jack and the finger print scanner on the back.. feels still better to me then the note 20 ultra..

    only thing appealing to me is the 5g capabilities is all.

  6. Shivanker Dhingra

    I find his reviews biased towards Apple, big time. Even if there is a good feature in an ANDROID PHONE (not just Samsung), he still makes it look irrelevant. And an irrelevant feature in Apple, he boasts about it for long.

  7. Omegzy

    Hey can I be your friend so I can text you and ask what phone you're using every other month? (Promise to limit 1 text per 2 months*) Terms and conditions may apply.

  8. James McKee

    All-seeing eye and the sun… And a pair of praying hands in front of the sun with a rainbow-cuffed shirt on the video thumbnail.

    Yeah… Neat Bro!

  9. The Power Lover

    How can an OLED display have other thing that is not an "outstanding minimum brightness"?! And that phone is huge, enormous.

    Definitively an advertisement, not a real review.

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