Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max Drop Test

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Drop test comparing the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max to see which phone is more durable. The Note 20 series are the first smartphones to feature Corning Gorilla Glass Victus.


– All standard drops are conducted from 1m onto a concrete surface.
– All bonus drops are conducted from 1.45m onto a steel surface (to test impact resistance).
– After each round, we go through a 15-point inspection checking the functionality of the hardware and sensors (GPS, compass, charging, speakers, buttons, etc.)
– The scoring system is a modified 10-point must system, where the winner of each round always scores a 10 and the loser scores anywhere between 6-9 (depending on the difference).



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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max Drop Test


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42 Replies to “Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max Drop Test”

  1. A Rey

    I dropped my note20 ultra from my lap to the floor with case and screen protector and it shattered! Not even the screen protector cracked lol, weird

  2. KiNg RoB

    I have a S21 Ultra and guess what.. I ordered whitestone dome screen protector and I swear it cracked the very same day. Had to use the backup one that came with it and guess what ….. that POS broke too!! Its a unbearable eye sore but I couldn't leave my baby naked, aint no way in hell! Gorilla glass victus or not. So now I have this eyesore a 49$ one at that 😑. And ya ya my screen is flawless it did its job i guess, but it did its job way too soon! And broke way too easy! I mean what kind of flimsy ass monkey glass do they be using ! I dropped it from like 2 monkey ass feet high 🙄

  3. Robert Magno

    I have my Samsung Note 20 5g ultra for 4 months now and it started to malfunction. It hang up/ freeze screen sometimes it's Ghost touch, touch by itself.
    When I brougth to samsung customer service, they told me it has tiny dent you couldnt see by your naked eyes. And they void the warranty of my unit. That's how sensitive the samsung unit with regards to durability. Because of the video presentation I bought the SAMSUNG NOTE 20 5g Ultra.
    But its all fake. Just a small/ tiny dent its all over,

  4. deadsea671

    No matter the glass iPhones glass display will Crack even from a 1 foot drop 😂 but Samsung did 10 bonus drops and it's display didn't even Crack 😳

  5. Aceshot619

    Don't believe videos like this dropped my note 20 into a trashcan filled with some paper towels and its shattered, turned pink, and wont work at all beside slight vibrations. Either payed off or lucky either way the note 20 ultra is not durable in the slightest ive had iphones last longer then this phone. I feel like verizon sold me a faulty product but this is just crazy


    So, I have the OG (the S7 Active). So I was at SeaWorld and I was on the Manta ride, which is a fast roller coaster (bellies down, head first like superman) and my Galaxy S7 Active fell out of my pocket down I'd say a good 20-25 feet. We couldn't find it so….cutting to the chase we found it and it was absolutely in perfect shape no even a scratch.

  7. 28 Michael Vicente

    he is lying about the iphone11 pro it would not break on the first drop because I drop my iPhone 11 pro all the time and its not broken on the first drop and i drop it on concreat

  8. Shark GT

    I have seen other tests, where the Samsung Note 20 Ultra cracks after only 1 try from below 1m. You cannot rely on these tests. Get yourself a case on your 1300 bucks phone!

  9. Kyaw Swar Phyoe

    Why are people still talking this shit " the cheap phone" to Samsung.
    Do u even know? your iphone 12 is cheaper than Note 20 🙂
    Iphone guys Talking like the Boss.
    P.S I'm using both iphone and samsung 🙂

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