Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max DROP Test


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  1. Jack Kelly

    Something odd, phonebuff did this test and the note 20 Ultra glass don't break and I see people drop the note 20 Ultra on YouTube for real and it to don't break this is very interesting 🧐🤔

    I know when it fall into a rock it will break for sure.🤔

  2. FunnyVines

    It’s not really fare, because on the last face down drop, the iPhone landed a perfect face down what caused it to crack badly while the Samsung fell at the bottom side, which was already cracked so the cracks can’t go further!

  3. Eddie B.

    Is that the ultra or regular note? Cause this is the only video I have seen of drop tests so far that the front screen cracked on drop test for ultra… including the 1k foot drop from a drone. Interesting.

  4. Fate Breaker

    I've seen another channel do this exact same test and the note 20 brushed it all off. The back cracked but the screen withstood a total 30 drops without ever cracking the screen. I think it just come down to luck lol

  5. JakeSkellington

    I actually feel like the note 20 failed the first drop due to the curved screen. I bet it would have survived if it wasn't curved. Also, ive never seen anyone drop a phone face down like that, usually there's a tilt to the fall which I feel helps dissipate the impact a bit. Idk tho, I'm not an expert.


    Curve screen is easy to break but flat screen is not easy to break….. because on the curve side whenever its lands on the ground pressure will go on the curve sides which will make it easier to crack but for the flat screen anytime it lands on the ground pressure on all directions will not make its easier to crack….

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