Galaxy Note 20 vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – You Might Be Surprised

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?
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42 Replies to “Galaxy Note 20 vs Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – You Might Be Surprised”

  1. Arm Akhtaruzzaman

    We all absolutely hate Samsung. Nowadays, in order to survive in the competitive market with Xiaomi, Realme, and Oppo, Samsung is giving very negligible quality hardware on budget and mid-range phones. In addition to the flagship phones, the processor is also different. They are giving good processors in their own country and in other countries they are giving their own bad, weak Exynos processors. Because of their contradictions, we should be united around the world and refrain from buying all kinds of phones made by them as long as they keep themselves away from this contradictory behavior.

  2. Matt Lessar

    I feel like samsung is starting to play games with their devices and consumer desires. I own a s10e since launch and as of now I still see no real reason to upgrade and its bittersweet cause just one year ago I was so deep and hyped about technology progressing and now it seems like we have no real applications for these so called new "ground breaking features" these new devices have to offer, other than of course 'clout'.

  3. Holy Grail

    For everybody having this issue, I figured it out. It only happens on the homescreen. Disabling the "Apply Dark Mode to Wallpaper " in dark mode settings should fix the issue. Washed out screen gone and now matches side by side with my note 9. Your screen should then pop. You're welcome.

  4. One4 ALL


    Samsung have sold this series of phones in Europe with an inferior processor chip.
    Exynos in Europe and Qualcomm in USA. Huge notable difference in performance and such a con for Samsung to sell Ultra versions of phones in Europe with inferior Exynos chips when they aren't even 'Ultra' when compared with the Qualcomm version of USA.

    Anyone who has bought one needs to complain because you have been CONNED. Same money in Europe but inferior parts. It's like comparing AMD to Intel.

    Absolutely devastated and sad to say this having been an avid Samsung lover for over 20 years.

  5. greg elek

    Hey I bought the cyber case that you had on your video for the note 20 ultra ordered on 26 of August and still nothing hmi mean why advertise something if you don't have the product ready to go crazy.

  6. age B.

    Hey need advise im getting the note 20 tomorrow is the price difference worth it. Ive always had the plus version but im due for an upgrade and I want to hop on it. Now 8t the 20 still a good discesion?

  7. Elexiian

    The only thing that makes me mad is that the 3.5mm headphone jack is completely gone from the Note 20 Ultra and you have to buy a whole new piece of equipment to use headphones.

  8. Omar Aguilar

    So here's my opinion on the note20 ultra… the camera doesn't catch moving frames for example someone walking or you slightly moving the cam would show the person/object you are trying to capture as blury (same issue the oneple 7T had)… so forget catching wild life or special moments with the family because you'll get poor blury picture of the moving object you are trying to catch with a ehh background which is stupid

    The phone gets really hot after being used more than 5mins and thats just with youtube (and I'm not exaggerating) and takes forever to cool down. By the time I finished typing this comment my fingers stinged each time i touched the keypad from how hot the phone got, no joke. Also noticed it got hot when using the camera or swiping through photos in my gallery

    The camera difference between the note 10 to the 20 is not worth the extra money you can hardly tell the difference in fact the note 10 has a better resolution on moving frames so much for a better camera

    And the stupid 50x zoom is a blury image capture…. you can do that any other phone by zooming in on a regular picture doing a screenshot and zooming on the screenshot because the quality is just as shitty I promise.

    Note 20 ultra was such a let down that 120 refresh rate is the only thing thats nice but at that point I'm not sure its worth the 1,300. Way too many flaws

  9. Gabriel

    Got the note20 ultra and my only complaints are that the screen could be a little brighter and the bump could be a little lower… Great phone though.

  10. Tee LEE

    As far as the ferl I really don’t harp on that too often because the simple fact I always have a very sturdy case on my phone. I never go without a case so I’ll never feel the actual finish other device

  11. Anne Swisher

    I just got the note 20 and what all reviewers fail to tell us is that note 20 is refreshingly light weight, I love it! I'm tired of these heavy phones.

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