Galaxy Note 8 Now…

Galaxy Note 8 Now… Hello all and welcome to this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 now video where we discuss an updated experience on the Note 8 after over a year on the market you can find these phones for as much as 60% cheaper than the original price point. If you have had a Note 8 consider sharing your experience with the community and enjoy the content 🙂 Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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39 Replies to “Galaxy Note 8 Now…”

  1. Nick Ackerman

    Galaxy Note 8 Now… Here we continue the Now series with the Note 8, This one has been seeing HUGE discounts up to 60% less than it's retail price in just 1 year on the market! Share your thoughts below and if you have a phone update you would like to see added to the NOW series comment that below and enjoy the content 🙂

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  2. Black Frost

    On ebay the cheap ones are from Hong Kong. They lie they ship from the US and lie its unlocked. When i bought it took 3 weeks to reach me in the US and I couldn't even activate it on my carrier which is at&t. I had to pay to return and had to wait a month for a refund. Worst experience ever.

  3. Suprxne 2003

    The battery life isn't because of the size, its because of the apps syncing, using background data, running in the background, apps crashing and all that.

  4. no colours

    I had this phone but the camera sucks . Now I have the lg v40 and I'm happy than ever this phone takes amazing pictures the only thing that I miss from the note 8 is the s-pen

  5. Oe Kintarō

    Mine wasn't smooth at the end. And had a couple of deep scratches 🙁
    But it felt down a few times and survived!
    First display got a burn damage but was repaired for free by Samsung Plaza in Frankfurt, Germany during 4 h.

    And if you once had stereo sound on a smartphone you get sick by mono speaker! I missed that the most on the Note 8.

  6. Turbo Blast

    I love my note 8 it’s my mobile office…however, I’m looking forward to the note 10 but I might be persuaded to get the new S10 plus. Will wait and see.

  7. ABQ SKY

    How can I achieve the following: —> Display off while on a phone call (Speaker phone on, phone out front of my face while driving at night.)

  8. Liu Kang

    I use my note 8 all day at work to do tasks, games, web etc and I always have alot of battery life left at the end of my 10 hour shift

  9. Moses Chappell

    I have the Note 8 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I got mine when it first launched and its aged excellently. I was formerly an iPhone user. Lots to like about an iPhone but The Note just delivers in ways that others don't. I love it even more a year and some change later…

  10. John Stockwell Major Smedley Butler

    POS Hunk of shit.
    Anyone that believes this phone is any sort of advance from the NOTE 4 must be off they rocker. The spectacle better then the truth eh?
    Effectiveness, Efficiency? NONE
    Has no ability to make my day more efficient.
    Fails to help my small business.
    Samdung fails to provide any sort of privacy. Note 8 is a copyright malware bomb. The phone is the perfect totalitarian nightmare
    Settings change at will
    Bixby sux,
    Antenna is shit
    wifi antenna is pathetic
    Too Many settings upon settings that have to be set before you can set settings
    GraphicS just started to work
    Font selection can make or break, why cant I have the Fonts on S Note for the entire phone?
    Blew it by dismissing acti0on memo
    They ruined S note
    The expansion pack is loaded but un accessible
    Gorilla glass is decent only took 3 hits to smash the face.
    I live in the real world of actually doing things. Note 8 is surely for vid players and office do nothing desk jockeys, I went back to the 4 updated it new software some antenna work and yeah my Note 4 will jailbreak your 8 or 9 give the gift that keeps on giving lock yer shit back up all while your ordering your McNugget Happy Meal. `
    Like most sheeple enslaved without critical thinking and full cuck to the tardo indoctrination of exceptionalism yeah then samdung makes good products….unfortunately your reality is askew.

  11. Mr_RedundantGuy

    Thanks for this video! I've been wanting to upgrade from my Galaxy J7 2015 and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do the Note 8 or some other newish Galaxy device, but this video gave my the information I was looking for. I think I'll do just fine with the Note 8. Awesome and informative video! Thanks!

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