Galaxy Note 8 // Still worth it in 2019?

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21 Replies to “Galaxy Note 8 // Still worth it in 2019?”

  1. egymade

    I have Note 5 for 3 years now..
    What should I buy next? ?‍♂️
    1- Note 8
    2- A50 /70
    3- wait 1 more year and get note 9
    Please help

  2. Iwan Biljesko

    I'm not sure to get a note 8 because it's over a year since the release. So my question is:
    Is it still worth to buy a Note 8 in 2019, when you are going to use it for 2-3 years?
    Please can someone answer my question.

  3. Mike Hog A Nator

    I’m looking now that my iPhone 8+ is about paid off & my Carrier has the Note 8 for $24.99 a month. Compared to the Note 9 for $49.99 a month. (Same price for the S10+) Think I may get the Note 8 & save 1/2 the $ or buy one right out

  4. Amarjeet Kumar

    Useless brand of all time in terms of giving software update samsung stated earlier taht they give dual volte standby with pie update in note 8 but they dont kept their promise neither they add scene optimiser,app lock and intelligent scan they think by doing so we upgrade to their latest flagship device but this time not i will go with iphone or google pixel next time.

  5. Shoeb Shaikh

    In india you can buy a note 8 from Amazon, NEW(6GB ram+64 GB storage) for 32,990 rupees which is about $471, its a hell of a deal gonna buy one for my mom

    Any other suggestions, must be Samsung only, she loves Samsung

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