Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus Detailed Camera Comparison ►►► dbrand skins:

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Comparing the front-facing selfie cameras, the 4K dual rear facing cameras, telephoto, auto-focus and audio of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.

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29 Replies to “Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test Comparison”

  1. Deeptanshu Sheel

    Note 8 Launched 1 Year Later Than 7 Plus So There Is No Doubt It Will Outperform 7 Plus. Watch The Comparison Between S7 Or Note 7 Vs 7 Plus. 7 Plus Blowed Them Off. But Still 7 Plus Is Giving Competition To Note 8.

  2. Guilherme Albuquerque

    A câmera do Note 9 parece ser mais para paisagem , sendo assim a em câmera o aparelho da apple ganha em relação ' pessoas, por quê a câmera do aparelho da samsung deixa a pessoa com aspectro mais claro e velho com cores mais lavadas sem vida… tornando ha sim a câmera do iphone 7 plus melhor

  3. sayyam nasir

    At 3.06 the 7 plus has more detail of your selfie. The Note 8 is completly blown off as there is no clear focus on your face. I am surprised at the note 8

  4. Bree Ortiz

    I’m getting the Note 8 today, I have a iPhone 6s Plus… i can’t wait to return to android. I should’ve never left. Lol. Not even dissin it just isn’t for me.

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