Galaxy Note 8 Water Test – Is It ACTUALLY Waterproof!?

Testing the New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone to test it’s water resistant rating IP68. Is the Note 8 Waterproof? We find out in this Samsung Note 8 Water Test!

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39 Replies to “Galaxy Note 8 Water Test – Is It ACTUALLY Waterproof!?”

  1. bebo butter

    Only bad thing about this phone that bothers me is that the back scratches up so easily so get a case before you even get the phone just some advice

  2. ART

    Ok i tried and what I got was usb port now unable to charge even its dried. Any solution here? I dont wanna send it to the center now but if it still happening, maybe I have to.

  3. Virgle Phillips

    I just happened to drop my NEW 1day old note 8 right in a fresh pile of dog shit.. I did not hesitate to scrub the hell out of it with soap and warm water for 5 minutes because damn that was gross and after I dryed it off I slathered it with hand sanitizer. BADASS PHONE!! No problems at all and no stink.???

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