Galaxy Note 9 – 6 Months Later

Galaxy Note 9 – 6 Months Later! Hello all and welcome to my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 6 months later update video. In this video I do not review the Galaxy Note 9 but I share with you my experience over the past 6 months as a heavy user of the device! Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched in August 2018 and is the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If you have or had a Note 9 for any period of time please consider sharing your experience with the community down below in the comment section of this video! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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45 Replies to “Galaxy Note 9 – 6 Months Later”

  1. Nick Ackerman

    Galaxy Note 9 – 6 Months Later! In this video I do not review the note 9, but share with you my user feedback and experience after 6 months, let's break it down! Enjoy! What are your experiences on the Note 9 up until now? Share them down below and/or any questions comments, concerns!!

  2. Mario Jozic

    Dont agree that display isint bright enough I use my Note always on 50% bright becous its to bright more than That.and my Note runs like crazy no lag or something with 6gb RAM

  3. Keepp Dreamingg

    I like the Note 9 and bought shortly after release time, but the quality of the Stylus is horrendous and all Note 9 users should band together and demand Samsung do something about it. They know it's cheap and breaks easily but pretends not to know. 2 pens already broke and its a month back and forth with customer service and still not resolved. Most disgusting and disrespectful experience and I'm a long term Galaxy Note User. From Note 4 to Current Note 9 and never had a stylus issue till now.

  4. Ty Morgan

    Not backing up Samsung here, but the reason us with unlocked phones get updates last is because you can switch sims, they need to confirm that it works with every carrier before they push it unless you want to risk getting a brick. Either way, unlocked update rolled out today, at least for me. Loving it on my note 9.

  5. Robert Silverman

    I have the Note 9 on AT&T and still waiting for Pie. Can someone explain to me why owners of any Android but the Pixel have to wait for months for an update? I've never understood that.

  6. The Full Shilling

    Agree about screen brightness, it's not great and even if it was better than other phones it's not good enough yet. No phones are. We're still in The Dark Ages regardless of what Displaymate says.
    I want to watch sport on my phone in the local park on a sunny day. No device achieves it, yet.

  7. Ivan Nolia

    5:05 Yeah I definitely agree with this. I have the unlocked version of the Note 9 and I'm seeing all these people on youtube and my friends with a Samsung phone get the update, yet my phone was paid for the most and I still don't have the damm update. I even contacted Samsung support and I talked with someone, and the only thing they said was that "you're gonna get it soon". It's currently March 8 and I'm waiting so fix your game Samsung.

  8. kallasnikov

    I had the Note 4 that I loved but with the unreliable GPS signal and issues , had to buy something else. Now I am tempted to go back again to Samsung with the Note 9 but I read about similar GPS issues. Are these fixed or did you experience any GPS problem with yours?

  9. In Gratitude I Am

    STOP YOUR WHINING!!! I'm on a carrier and I haven't gotten all the goodies that have been rolled out either. It'll happen when it happens. It's not a "slap in the face." It's called a schedule. Deal with it.

  10. RJ

    I'm using a note 9..on telco contract.Believe me i am paying for it even though i didn't pay for it outright(poor souls).What is a "locked device".It's 2019 yeh!I can update in 12 months with no difference in plan cost or even less with better deals.offered to continue.It is a better deal every time than trying to sell your second hand phone you paid full price for.

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