Galaxy Note 9 – ALMOST Perfect..

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The Note 9 isn’t perfect.. but I can’t find much that’s wrong with it..

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34 Replies to “Galaxy Note 9 – ALMOST Perfect..”

  1. Abraham Torres

    I primarily use the S Pen for extracting text is called smart select but in Christmas everybody has iPhones and they were trying to figure out a way to take pictures and still be in there setting the timers and I said look I'll just use my phone and I pulled out my S Pen set up my phone and everybody got to be in the portrait in the pictures and of course my sisters are Samsung haters they said oh now is your moment to shine they were hating it

  2. Cat Unhydrated

    some apple users are so delusional and also brainwashed by the constant new re-releases of older phones and it's sad note 9 is such an innovation S10+ as well and brainwashed apple users don't know how good the other phones are, it's like drugs when you get addicted to it, you can't stop buying it. Honestly nowadays I don't think that apple are even relevant anymore, they just do it for the money in my opinion they don't listen to their customers. The phones are refreshed a bunch of times, look at the iPhone X or 10 They refreshed it 4 times. Like, it's really stupid iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and what is the difference nothing, a little bigger screen and thats all like honestly, apple are pathetic, instead of innovation just refresh other products with a bigger screen, it's honestly sad to see apple getting absolutely destroyed by almost any company now. If you read this, and you disagree please reply to me, explaining your argument

  3. GetYour Fix

    I got this bad boy on black Friday for 700… Oh my goodness, I love it. Best phone I've ever owned, by far. I hope the next few notes are as good. I'll upgrade to another note if they keep it up.

  4. Klara Sprudel

    I'll tell you 2 major dislikes. A housing made of glass. Almost everyone I know is covering the phone in even 360 covers as if it was a raw egg. And that's what it is. One drop without bumpers and it's smashed. Second… The battery which is not accesable without losing warrenty. The whole industry is fooling us and makes us buy new phones. I still use my note 4. As a backup.

  5. Souleaterblaze

    is the galaxy s10 plus better? not spec wise but like as a phone for regular use? i want a new phone for gaming and i was wanting the note 9 but the s10 is better but you know i fucking hate that front camera placement on the s10 which makes me want the note 9 more than anything. what do you think?

  6. fdn777

    I got the ocean blue note 9. After 4 weeks of use, one thing i can say when i compare its FUNCTIONALITY with other phones: it is like comparing a bike with a bulldozer. This phone is not a phone. It is a TOOL. And anyone who dares to disagree with this, is a tool. This phone is the definition of INNOVATION.

  7. felcas

    I just love to handwrite stuff, draw, squelch.

    Also the pen is really useful when you pair it with photos, videos and screenshots. it is an undervalued and underfeatured tool that could be much more used and desirable if Samsung explored it more.

    Just love mine.

  8. Zaia Sarkis

    I have the Note 9 and I love it, but one of the simplest things they overlooked is, when you have a magnet cover (flip with a magnet strip not overlaping magnet strap), it sets off the spen and makes the phone act up. The solution would be for cover makers to create a cover that closes on the opposite side of the usual covers (instead of opening from right to left, switch covers to open from left to right). It is however, so far been impossible to find such cover.

  9. TheFreePantheist

    The s pen can also magnify areas on the screen, glance at minimized apps by hovering the pen over them and it can translate words just by hovering the pen over the word! Great for pen paling. and the precisen of it makes games like runescape pure joy. I thought the stylist was a gimmick too, but now I use it all the time

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