Galaxy Note 9 Dark Mode Theme Everything!

Dark Mode Almost everything on your Galaxy Note 9!

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44 Replies to “Galaxy Note 9 Dark Mode Theme Everything!”

  1. K keith halton

    Hi. I tried all this but how did you get the black background on Google. It says I cant apply because I have a theme. But I am using the minu black you suggested.

  2. Ray Ray Mency

    Please help me watched your video on how to turn Galaxy Note 9 on dark mode without downloading a app but when i went to themes there was no menu black not able to do it

  3. Chris Matamoros

    I like the black themes and it looks really nice. The only part that I hate is that it changes my keyboard to a black version. Is there anyway to change the theme and retain the keyboard? Let me know, thanks.

  4. Joe Blow

    So why does the S9 have a "Dark Mode", but the Note 9 doesn't? I had the dark mode on my old s6 for years and I don't see the option on my note 9. ?

  5. Dalton James

    I have a note 9 when I click download it dont do anything it dosen't even try to download I tried it shikenusing my data and I tried while hooked to good wifi but still it wont do anything

  6. Shaun Harrison

    Is there a way to make the background black in Samsung notes? I like having the s pen color yellow when I take a note with my screen off but when I open it in the notes app the background is white and it’s hard to see the yellow pen color. I know I can change the pen color but I would rather keep it yellow and change the background to black.

  7. Tamaria LeRoy

    I want both my FB and IG dark, since I changed over my YouTube and Twitter. You were so right about it being more readable. Everything is vivid and sharp and I surpringly love it, however I don't want my entire device dark themed just certain apps.

  8. Sam Wilson

    I much prefer a dark screen, with the exception of my wallpaper. It'd not found all of these before so thank you! I've just downloaded android messages so I can have that dark except there isn't an option for dark/night mode, any ideas?

  9. Kim Bridge

    I like dark mode on YouTube but in Samsung internet it's s little to dark. When you look at something colourful it seems to put a tint over it and the colours are not as vibrant it's more night mode I think

  10. Tamaria LeRoy

    Hey Gregg! Does FB (Facebook) have a dark mode. I checked their settings and I couldn't find an option for theme changes or theme period. I don't want my entire phone black, but I do like it in my social media apps, like Twitter, YouTube etc. I wondering if IG (Instagram) has the option too.

  11. nakrohtap

    Good tips. However, I don't think the browser night mode is the same as dark mode. The overall contrast and screen seems muted for dark environments. It's also not easier on the eyes in the daylight. Most likely, it will cause more eye strain if not using it in the dark.

  12. Me Xavier

    U should also try/review the Good Lo k 2018 app from the Galaxy App store. It'll prompt you to download several other apps to enhance the Samsung experience. Its REALLY good.

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