Galaxy Note 9 revisit: 5 months later

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It’s been 5 months since the release of Samsung’s Galaxy Note9. There are a handful of great smartphones out there with more on the way this year, but I’ve found that the Note9 is a phone that should still be on consumer’s radars, especially since the price of it has dropped, and will continue to do so. After 5 months the phone shows that it will definitely be able to hold its own through 2019 despite all the flashy new phones being revealed. Note9 can be found for less than $700 nowadays. With everything it has to offer, you’ll be hard pressed to find something as feature packed and well rounded at this price range.

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48 Replies to “Galaxy Note 9 revisit: 5 months later”

  1. Tonin Pernokaj

    I have note 9 already 6 months bought it from Samsung France!
    Let me tell you that it suck when i have to charge 2 times a day!!! And i don't play games at all.
    When i got the phone 1010 euros from Samsung there where a many things tha i looked at positively!
    1) It says good battery, witch is suck! After the update to last update android pie even during the night that im not using the battery can drop 40%for 8 to 9 hours!!
    2) Camera is good but not the greatest.
    3) S pen is amazing but what the f**c i need it when is reduce the battery life a lot.
    4) the phone sometimes it freezes for a minute maximum! And it is wired because is 6 ram 128 GB
    The programs i have on it are not much, i have only 20 gb of pic and listening audio books.
    Plus the curved screen it suck!!!

  2. Syed Syed

    I got mine today. Many people will argue why I didn't go for the s10, it's just because personally I like the note series more than the S series.

  3. mangbecak1

    Lol so op is this:
    I'm not drawn to the note 9 because of the competition, that is new phones are coming out and potentially better than this. Lol wtf

  4. Reinhold Lumpenerner

    I had the Note9 and the Pixel 2 XL both at same time. I can tell you both phones are TOO good! If you're up to pure media consumption I would recommend the Note, if you're into gaming I'd clearly say Pixel. Of course media is good on Pixel too and gaming on the Note as well, but eachs royal discipline is like I said

  5. sharjeel ahmed

    Hi sir i have not 9 I'm facing problem app i con badges i want keep it seeing on app notifications when i swap on screen Al is gon notifications from the app's but Wye

  6. Raj

    Note 9 software update made it worst phone every produce by Samsung.. while before software update in January 2019 it was so nice.. so don't buy this …

  7. Andrew Smith

    Love the note 9 I like the camera have no issues with it only problem is the WiFi at work note 9 keeps losing signal I've also got a redmi note 5 that does not have any WiFi issues

  8. John

    Generally, people who buy the Note 9 don't buy it for the cameras. It's really an uncompromised productivity device for professionals. It's not really for the luxury smartphone market like the iphone or Huawei phones. The Note 9 just gets on with everyday work stuff. Even with the release of the S10 and variants I still think its the best device available in practical terms. I use every function of my Note 9 even Dext. It's the best smartphone of the last generation. Samsung will never make a device like it again.

  9. The 18th Fret

    anyone know why some note 9s come with a yellow pen and others with a black? Any difference? I just ordered mine today and it has photos with a black one

  10. Franz Galahad

    I'm a person that upgrades when the price drops. My service provider says 3 months (currently under contract and exit fee is $260, yikes) and the price would probably even drop more then. Can't wait but I'm being patient.

  11. Basilis Nikolaou

    I ditched my s9 plus for note 9 just for the bigger screen and battery and I discover that despite being taller and more square it sits great in my hand when I talk the others are known screen cameras stereo speakers ip68 and so on…great choice no notch still all around device !!!

  12. mrboss

    All u guys who have a note 9 I gurentee u have a screen burn, it be very light though. Please check to see!!! It can be seen On a white screen Which is more noticeble. Don't forget still under warranty u will get a replacement or repaired under Samsung. ?

  13. Austin Brown

    Had a mate 20 pro for a couple weeks and traded it back to my carrier for a Note 9.( EMUI is a little buggy)..Very happy I did… "Swiss Army Knife"of phones is an apt description…!

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