Galaxy Note 9 – Samsung One Ui w/ Android 9.0 Pie – New Features Discovered

Here is a look at the Samsung One Ui running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Android 9.0 Pie.

In this video, I want to share some new, enhanced and moved features on the Note 9 and One Ui. Let’s dive in and discover.

Watch full One Ui features here:

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23 Replies to “Galaxy Note 9 – Samsung One Ui w/ Android 9.0 Pie – New Features Discovered”

  1. MistaDavey Teromene

    They should put a pin security password to the boot loader menu and recovery mode to increase the phone security and make unable to hack only for Samsung this update would a major one in history of android

  2. Kallol Biswas

    Hallo, I need suggestion on camera settings, after upgrading android 9 with One UI my camera settings half of the options was disables and i couldn't find, like QHD mode, 60 frame and video stabilization and many other options not shown.

  3. Ryan Brown

    I fucking hate that the bottom 3 buttons are always there now and to close running apps is wierd would love to revert these changes why not tell you there going to force a change like that b4 you download the update!

  4. Dustin Hull

    One HUGE thing i can not find on the operating system is WPS for WiFi… I am a cable tech and use the DAILY to set up WiFi networks did Samsung move it or eliminate it??? someone help

  5. Josh Chupik

    The update is complete shit, i want my old version back!! If i wanted a simpleton phone i would have gotten a i phone. My photo editor completely sucks almost as much as i phones…..

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