Galaxy Note 9 Speaker Test!!!

With new Stereo Speakers on the Galaxy Note 9. It’s time to test and see how well it works

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28 Replies to “Galaxy Note 9 Speaker Test!!!”

  1. Simon Lama

    Does note 9 have main speaker sounds low than secondary one??i doubt my now..after it didnt was unable to produce sound while playing music..after i switched worked..but i have doubt..pls help.thank you

  2. ZeroTRM

    seriously, please don't put the mic right next to the speaker. who listens to their phone like that? put it at arms length where most people have their phone while using it.

  3. Frank Lin

    Can you test if the bottom speaker lowers in bass gradually over time. Quite a few users including myself have this issue but have been having a hard time getting it verified by Samsung as either a hardware or software issue.

  4. spywtw

    My media volume is extremely low on the max setting.. if it's on half way, you might as well turn it completely down.. is mine defective?

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