GALAXY NOTE 9 UNBOXING + Why I went from iOS to Android

Thank you so much for watching this video! This is my FIRST EVER Android device, so this will be interesting..

#IAmNotATechGuru just to have that said. Let me know: are you Team iOS or Team Android? Do you thing we all could be one big team one day? lol. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe for more! 🙂

Unboxing 0:30
Why I switched to Android 6:05

#SamsungGalaxyNote9 – 512GB – Black
iPhone 6S Plus – 64GB – Rose Gold

Inspo for customizing of your phone:



36 Replies to “GALAXY NOTE 9 UNBOXING + Why I went from iOS to Android”

  1. Patri Cooper

    i have a iPhone 8 rn and idk, I’m like tired of apple, they always do the same stuff and, I’m tired. I was trying to save money to try to buy the samsung a7 myself?

  2. emeirissa

    Love your video Im currently using my I phone 8 plus in gold but I’m going to save my money for a Samsung galaxy I can’t wait to own a Samsung ?

  3. Tye Harris

    Apple all about a dollar they removed simple things then made you pay to get them back head phone jack but you have to buy a double adapter just to listen to music while charging it the iPhone X no home button but you can buy it separately all they do is upgrade the camera and ios other then that iPhone 5-x is the same and slight design difference

  4. mycroft16

    I've got no real beef with Apple, but the walled-garden mentality is why I'm a WIndows PC and Android guy. My phone, my computer, I use it how I want to use it. Period. I get the argument about making the user experience consistent and blah blah, but no… you do not know better than me what I want from my phone. Or the hundreds of millions of other people. Yes, Android has to take a performance hit to be able to support who knows how many devices run it, but that is a very small tradeoff for all the huge wins you get. I don't like being pigeon-holed into a tech. If something new and better comes out, and it always does, I want to be able to rapidly just switch, and with Apple, you can't. It took me a long time to understand the Apple presentations where they made it seem like the newest iPhone was the greatest thing ever, despite literally everyone else having those same features up to 2 years previously… it's because Apple is literally only talking about themselves. No one else exists in that walled garden.

    Hope you're still enjoying your Note 9. Android can be overwhelming with the complete insanity of customizeability that it offers. SO many settings and options etc. But in the end, your phone will be yours.

  5. Trinity Moore

    As a life long Android user I really have started to take for granted the ability to customize my phone. Whenever one of my iOS friends use my android ( pixel 3 ) they are always so taken away of the widgets you are offered in an android. Many say before you give your opinion on something you must use it or have experience it yourself. I would love to try an iOS device one day, but I fear I won't give iOS a chance and soon go right back to Android. From just using my friends and family iOS devices to do a simple task I can totally see why in might switch.

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