Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X DROP Test! Durability King?

The Beastly Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Drop Test vs iPhone X! Durability Ranked! Gorilla Glass 5 vs Dual Ion From 3, 5 & 8 Feet!

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49 Replies to “Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X DROP Test! Durability King?”

  1. Coffee and tea AJ

    Good to know that if I get the note 9 this Friday that my extreme clumsy self won't lead to the end of it all. I am getting a screen protector and a case and a grip if I do get it.


  2. Olivia

    Ive had the Note 8 since it came out. I just recently got a case for it lol. Ive dropped my Note too many times. The screen NEVER cracked, but the back did only once and it wasnt too bad.

  3. Mark R.

    Just when i got my note 5 i accidentally dropped it on the bathroom tiles from over 1.90 meters, and i kept it there for 2 days till i dared look and it had zero scratches and cracks.. (It made such a glass breaking sound though on those hard tiles)
    Since that day, always keep every smartphone in a ridiculous case.

  4. AlixxA7X

    A more accurate test for me using a phone would be to have it accidently slip out of my hands and fucking launch itself across the room….. ?

  5. Brian

    I think the reason why the camera pops up on the iPhone is to protect the glass back and the camera lens are sapphire. It also has less surface area and the weight impacted on the camera instead of being spread

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