Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone Xs Max – Full Comparison

In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs the iPhone Xs Max. Both the note 9 and Xs Max are the best smartphones Samsung and Apple have to offer and everyone wants to know which one is better.

In this video, I will give you a precise answer on which one to buy.

Let’s dive in.

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30 Replies to “Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone Xs Max – Full Comparison”

  1. DaRealBoxingFan

    But my IPhone comes with brilliant powerful business Eco system that works very well with My MacBook or IPad Samsung oh ? well it has good individual Phone gimmicks if I just need A stand alone phone the pen is cute little feature but I been typing for decades

  2. Imran Arshad

    Hi. I need your help with Bixby configuration for Scanning Business Cards to save them into my contacts. Previously there was an app "Snapbuzzcard" but my Galaxy Note 9 appears to be lacking it. Help accordingly would be highly appreciated.

  3. 2007suprasport

    Apple is nice! Is just that is the same phone for the past 10 yrs. The problem is the UI That OS has to G0!..
    No customizing, no multi tasking,..just apps on top apps, rows & rows icons!?

  4. David Carter

    Your facts are horrible. The max MicroSD card limit for the Note 9 is 1TB. Not 512GB. Plus you showed your Bias when you only compared audio by a headphone jack and not sound richness and quality in speakers and Bluetooth.

  5. Brady Lombard

    I don’t want to lose all my iTunes music! But the note has so many cool things but the iPhone is ? Been using iPhone since iPhone 4, has galaxy 2 and switched and galaxy 7 edge plus and switched back. Don’t think I can make the switch!??

  6. Jameel Khan

    I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi even Wi-Fi not working l used I'm so board don't buy iPhone xs because I buy 5000 saudi riyal but I phone xs max is so slowly on wifi please don't buy iPhone xs max only buy android phones

  7. Jada Shelby

    I’ve had both. I love both Samsung and Apple, they both make quality devices. What drove me to the iPhone is consistency and timely updates. I like that I can track my son. I had issues with performance with each Note phone I bought after a year or so that drove me get the next model every year. That’s expensive. Apple is still supporting the 5s. I even have both the IPad and the Samsung Note Pro 12.2. They serve different audiences and both have pros and cons. Both GREAT phones. Can’t go wrong with either.

  8. Zim Zeno

    I hate the Iphone big time with the ugly notch, camera bump and very expensive compared to samsung is worth buying with s-pen and One-Handed mode, dual speaker, dolby atmos dual camera with slo-mo, no bump, bigger screen, Edge screen, brightness 1200 nits, AOD- always on display, Picture in Picture, 3 biometric, no notch blocking the beautiful oled screen, Super Amoled WQHD 2960×1440 screen resolution, up to 512g extra storage, multi display window, Liquid Cooling, live wallpaper, Customization, bigger battery, 6 or 8 bigger ram, head phone jack, fast charger and headphone included in the box, can also use VR and Samsung Dex Station, now tell me what does Iphone have to make me want to buy Iphone. Iphone is using Samsung Oled screen, Yes Iphone has a faster and higger benchmark it doesnt mean I'll be racing everyone who has samsung phone that will be boring, Its true Iphone is boring why should i waste my money for boring phone. Think about it what do you do with the phone for a second, minute and hour, stare at it, what do you like to see on the phone, for $1500. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been reviewed on Consumer Reports, they have outed the iPhone XS Max review as well and as expected the Galaxy Note 9 retains its number one spot. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max rivalry ends with the Note 9 taking the win, at least on Consumer Reports' website.

  9. Whirling Cuckoo

    I prefer the flat screen design and natural colour pallete display of the iphone, the battery on the Note 9 sucks baboons ass because I charge mine twice a day on average use… Regret buying it, I should've brought the Huawei mate 20 Pro or Iphone XS Max or may be waited for Note 10

  10. Jumbojack555

    I was talking to someone once why they don't want an Android in this case it was the s9+ and every reason they listed u r able to change in the settings they ended up using Apple is worth more so it's better

  11. Æ

    i have an samsung galaxy s8 and frankly i'm thinking to jump to the mid-range market. I think i'll drop the 1000 bucks when i find its really worth it.

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