Galaxy Note9: Official Introduction

With Note, our focus has always been to deliver a cutting-edge smartphone experience like no other, and that’s why today, the Samsung #GalaxyNote9 is the most powerful Note ever.

[Powerful all day battery]
Galaxy Note9 introduces a whole new level of powerful performance. Its all day, 4000mAh battery is not only bigger, but also more power efficient, which means you can get through your entire day on just a single charge.

[1 terabyte ready with expandable memory]
New standards for memory let you store so much more, while deleting less. Choose between 128GB or 512GB storage models, while expandable memory allows up to 512GB of additional storage, making Note9 1 terabyte ready.

[Cutting-edge processor]
A next-generation processor delivers remarkably fast data transfer and performance, while an advanced, built-in water carbon cooling system protects Note9’s processor against overheating, so you can sustain peak performance for longer.

[S Pen with remote control]
Now with Bluetooth, the all new powerful S Pen gives you ultimate control. Remotely control presentation slides, capture photos and so much more, all without even touching your phone.

[Intelligent camera]
Note9 takes photography to a whole new level. Its revolutionary intelligent camera has dual aperture that adjusts between f/1.5-f/2.4 to adapt to any lighting situation. What’s more, it automatically recognizes scenes to optimize color, and flaw detection can detect closed eyes and motion blur, so you’ll never get a bad shot.

An all new DeX mode now transforms Note9 into a dynamic PC experience with just a single cable, so you can work on a big screen and bring your apps to life.

Meet the new super powerful Note.

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46 Replies to “Galaxy Note9: Official Introduction”

  1. radu radu

    the next update can solve the lag of the camera. in the first place I did not have a lag when I made the .la android 9 photo I have lag refer to notes 8

  2. Naruto Uzumaki

    IPhone probably will be coping with a pen to like they always do IPhone will never come up with good ideas the always coping

    I got a challenge for you spot the difference







  3. vip Desing

    Samsung and notes in music, light menu screen edges removed. It was pointless to remove a feature that made it different from other phones.
    Hopefully this issue will be resolved by updating

  4. Dv Ncd

    Fvck you samsung!!!! Why do you have to revamp the whole interface just to keep up with the unnecessary rivalry upgrade frenzy!!!! Give us an option to revert back to its original OS. The One UI upgrade is a mess!!!!! For one, the photo editor sucks!!!!

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